World Cup Blooms in Brazil: Blushing Bride Protea

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

So what does Serruria florida aka “Blushing Bride” protea have in common with the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Probably nothing you might say, but there my friends you would be wrong. Quite wrong. 

First in our six degrees of separation from Blushing Bride and Kevin Bacon, this flower was used in the motion picture “The Incredible Hulk” starring Edward Norton. In the movie, his character Doctor Bannister is living as a recluse in a fabela, or barrio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is trying to find an antidote for his affliction that causes him to turn into the “Hulk”, and he believes he has found it in a tropical plant from the Amazon. Ironically, the plant we see him clutching, Blushing Bride, is originally from the exact opposite environment; the dry veldt of South Africa. But hey, in Hollywood this is a minor detail, and the flower they chose does look strange and exotic.  And of course, this month the World Cup takes place in Brazil. Furthermore, one of Brazil’s bright soccer stars is actually called Hulk (real name!!).


Blushing Bride Protea Blushing Bride Protea



Blushing Bride is in fact a tremendous asset for floral professionals when creating floral designs for summer weddings, and especially bouquets that need to hold up through heat and humidity. It has a very feminine blush color, accentuated by a very fine down texture, and slightly nodding blooms. But because it is a member of the hardy protea family, it can take quite a bit of heat stress and will last well out of water. There are now a few hybrids available, meaning a stronger pink is also available, as well as the original blush.

Oh, and because the World Cup is such a partisan event, let me throw in my tuppence worth and proclaim “GO ENGLAND!!!”


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