Wholesale Stephanotis Bliss

I love these lovely star-shaped flowers that smell sensational, known as Stephanotis!  This product is normally sold wholesale in boxes of 25 blooms, but I wanted to show you a few other stephanotis products that I’m sure you are going to swoon over.

First up is the Stephanotis Mega Box.  Great for when you need about 200 blossoms.

wholesale stephanotis mega box from Mayesh

Next, we have Stephanotis Vine.  Great for arrangements and bouquets, plus there is no need for steph stems!

wholesale stephanotis vine from Mayesh

Lastly, but certainly not least is the Stephanotis Lei.  Perfect for graduations, weddings, or a tropical themed event!

Stephanotis Lei from Mayesh 

It is important to note that we need at least a one week lead time in ordering, as we do not carry these product in inventory.  They are by special request only.  If you are interested please contact your rep for more information.

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