Wholesale Flowers in Cleveland, Ohio (July 2013)

Below I wanted to share with you a collage of flowers that was created from recent pictures posted to our Facebook page for our Cleveland wholesale branch.  You will find examples of the beautiful dahlias, crown aster, lady slipper orchid, garden roses, mokara orchids, scabiosa, snow on the mountain, anemones, asclepias, china berry, cone flower, cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, oncidium orchids, pincushion protea, zinnias, allium, anthurium, bananas, celosia coxcomb, heliconia, yarrow, phalaenopsis orchids, scabiosa, and viburnum berry that we carry.

Each week we post a comprehensive list of available wholesale flowers. Be sure to check out it out here or find it on the right hand side of our website’s homepage.


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