Wholesale Flowers in Chandler, Arizona (August 2013)

Searching for wholesale flowers in the Chandler, Arizona area? Or how about Tucson?  Our branch located in Chandler handles both areas and always has a great variety of flowers and greens on hand.

Below is a small sample of product that could be seen in their coolers during August, but you can always know what products are available by visiting our online current availability list and, of course, by connecting with a Chandler representative.

The collage below contains: birds of paradise, chocolate cosmos, white dahlias, orange dahlias, green millet, leucadendron jester, kangaroo paw, mini gerberas, mixed Peru greens, safflower, sedum, bells of ireland, pincushion protea, and viburnum berry.



For a complete list of all of our wholesale flower distribution centers, please visit our locations page.

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