Wholesale Flower Update for Early May

Miss Laura London, a Floral Event Specialist in our Los Angeles wholesale shipping department, wrote up a summary for her team on what is going on in the world of wholesale flowers.  I came across it this weekend and thought that you would like to read it as well.  If you are looking for a quick guide to what is currently available be sure to check out our Current Availability.  We update it every Friday so that you always have a great guide at your finger tips.  Enjoy!


By:  Laura London

ANEMONES:  These are pretty much  done for the season.  A few colors in small quantities are still trickling in but the quality is iffy and they are not withstanding shipping conditions.

If you are looking for something to substitute for white anemone with black centers please consider using Ornathagalum Arabicum, white Lisianthus with a black Scabiosa placed in the center, white Gerbera with a black center, or consider coloring the center of a white Daisy Pom and call it the poor man’s anemone!

RANUNCULUS:  We are coming to the tail end of this season. All hybrids are done. We are only getting standard locals and pricier Dutch bunches. 

DAHLIAS: We are seeing assorted colors only with small heads, funky colors and expensive.  Since the weather is warming up hopefully it will speed up the production. We have not seen any orange, peach or coral in the mixed assortment that we are currently receiving.

GARDEN ROSES: There are so many new and amazing varieties available in many different colors but whites, creams and peach are still very limited.  Get your orders in early!

ROSES: The rose market is very tight right now.  Prices are high and certain varieties are extremely limited.  In particular, Quicksand, Sahara, Coral Prophyta and anything yellow are hard to get!  No worries, though, we have great substitution ideas for these varieties!

PEONIES: Our local crops are starting to produce amazing quality peonies!

Watermelon Hot Pink, Coral Charm and white have been showing promising signs of a good local season! Sarah Bernhardts are still coming from Holland, as well as blush which are very expensive.  Please be aware that we have been having major quality issues with Duchesse White Peony and Alexander Flemming from Holland.

BRUNIA/BERZILLIA: This product is done for the season.  We have some cool leucadendron cones, poppy pods, lotus pods, assorted grasses, succulents, and tillandsia plants available.

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