Webinar: How Your Website Controls Valentine’s Sales


We are once again teaming up with TeamFloral to offer you a free webinar hosted by Dan McManus, President of TeamFloral!  Here are the details:

New TeamFloral data shows that a shop’s website may be the single biggest factor in Valentine’s Day sales. In this session learn why your site influences so many buying decisions and how to use your website to drive sales in your shop.

This session includes:
*What products to feature on your site
*How to merchandise the holiday categories
*When to reduce product for the holiday rush
*The best homepage features
*How to handle price-sensitive consumers

Also see the latest TeamFloral products:
*All new 2014 web photos and products
*Exclusive new limited-edition web templates
*Gorgeous wedding portfolio that impress brides
*Full-service website merchandising for Valentine’s day

If you need help registering for this webinar, please contact Genni Davis at 1-800-342-2251 or genni@teamfloral.com

REGISTER TODAY HERE: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/526707409

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