Video: Meet Jodi Duncan AIFD, 2013 Mayesh Design Star

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for you to get to know Miss Jodi Duncan AIFD!  The video below can serve as that first step.  I remember the day I met Jodi – The Special Event last year.  It was my very first show, I was nervous and she was my first “Twitter friend” that I met in real life.  If you know me just a little, then you know that I was super duper excited!!  I then was able to meet up with her at the AIFD Symposium, and she really put in the effort to introduce us to as many people as she could.  She is a superb designer, who is also full of energy and welcoming.

February 2013 Mayesh Wholesale Florist will kick off its branch new Mayesh Design Star floral design video series featuring, Jodi.  Get FRESH ideas, inspiration, and floral design tips throughout the year!  Enjoy the video:


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