Vase Test: Wimbleton Rose

I’d like to introduce you to Andy Arthur (bio is at the bottom of this post), who recently performed a vase test on a newer variety of green rose called Wimbleton.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


By:  Andy Arthur

“Wimbleton” is a relatively new variety of green rose on the wholesale cut flower market.  At first glance, it bears a strong resemblance to the variety “Super Green” – it has the cabbage style bloom in deep chartreuse green with a few burgundy accents.  I decided to do a vase test to see how it would perform.  After 4 days, there was little change – at most there was slight lightening of the inside of the blooms.  I don’t expect the blooms to open much at this point, but overall it appears to be a nice variety of green rose.

Tuesday – Day 2:


Thursday – Day 4:


Andy Arthur has spent over thirty years in the floral industry, and has worked at the greenhouse level, the retail level, and has experience both with selling hard goods and fresh flowers.  He is currently the fresh flower buyer for the Mayesh Michigan location, and has some involvement with the Mayesh marketing team.

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