Vase Test: Silver Shadow Rose

Andy Arthur recently performed a vase test on a newer variety called Silver Shadow.  Check it out and let me know what you think!


By:  Andy Arthur

I have always been partial to lavender roses, and as such, I am constantly on the lookout for new varieties.  This week I tried a new wholesale variety called “Silver Shadow”.  The first characteristic I noticed of this variety was the size of the buds – between 10cm and 12cm (4 – 4½”)!  The coloration is lighter than Ocean Song, with some fuchsia accents on the guard petals.  Amazingly, they all fully opened – which in my experience, is not always the case with some of the large head varieties.  I put them out in a vase on Monday morning, and this is what they looked like on Tuesday:

wholesale rose - silver shadow

This is what they looked like on Thursday morning – every stem opened nicely:

wholesale roses

The one trait that really surprised me however, was the lack of fragrance – I had assumed it would have a strong scent.

Overall, I am impressed with this wholesale fresh cut variety, and will continue to offer it through the upcoming wedding season.

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