Valentine’s Day: Rose Farm News

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson


Readers of the Mayesh blog over the years will be aware that Ecuador is divided into two main and distinct rose-growing regions, which in the interests of brevity can be termed the “North”, as in the area about 35 miles to the north of Quito (Ecuado’s capital) and the “South” a region that starts 30 miles to the south of Quito and extends a further 25 miles.

Each year I travel to one zone and visit the other on alternating days. After being in the South yesterday, today was the turn to travel to the North. On the way there I visited one notable farm called Bellaflor which is actually a single farm located in Puembo some 15 miles or so from Quito. Mayesh has purchased flowers from this now well established plantation for many, many years now; especially their beautiful gypsophila, roses and wide array of summer flowers. I will do an in-depth look at them later. Considering that my focus is on roses at the moment I can say that of all the rumors I had heard of farms being early with Valentine’s roses, as far as I am concerned, this is the only farm that I have seen that is truly early, and even then only by a few days. This was to be expected in a period of such intense sun that Ecuador experienced since December, as Bellaflor is at much lower altitude than most rose farms. In point of fact our pre-book with them had to be cut as there simply are not enough roses being produced at this plantation to fill the orders on the days required.


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