Valentine’s Day: Coming & Going

Just so you know, I have been in the wholesale flower industry for over thirty years now, and I can tell that in these holidays my body does not bounce back like it used to. In fact I don’t think it bounces at all anymore, and it is with some effort that I get from horizontal back to vertical, and from cold back to warm. Nonetheless the task at hand needs to get done, and thus it is onwards and upwards. The last of our large shipments goes out tomorrow which means only one more grueling, cold night in the coolers….honestly I am beginning to feel like a frozen McNugget!!

Incredibly the flowers keep coming and coming, although there now seems to be a slowing of production. I know this because the flow of trucks coming into the cargo agency was rapid and swift, as they had less to unload, because most orders have been completed. Mayesh still had a very large load to be prepare for shipment, and there will be a similar amount tonight.

The imperturbable phytosanitary inspectors continue their work, and it seems that no-one is immune from their microscopic examinations. Last night all of Mayesh’s David Austin roses from RosaPrima were rejected because of a Thrips infestation. This is amazing because RosaPrima is one of the best rose farms in Ecuador if not the world and their post-harvest protocols amongst the best, and yet the ubiquitous Thrip seems to be everywhere. The action also tells me that the inspectors appear to be very impartial and indiscriminate; which, while extremely annoying last night, does speak to their professionalism which in the long run can only be good for the industry.

At the airport the congestion has all but disappeared with most boxes getting out of Ecuador this morning. All in all the oversaturation woes of the logistical side of the Valentine season that I outlined earlier have finally abated. Everything has moved out or is palletized ready to leave, and even Lanchile is operating as normal.

Stepping back to look at the big picture, I earnestly hope that all segments of the cut flower industry, especially growers, wholesalers and florists, do well as the amount of time, effort, hard work and goodwill that is expended in the V-Day season is a testament to the human spirit and I hope it translates into substantial remuneration for all concerned.


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