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Join Sue Mcleary for an inspiring design floral design course. Click RSVP below for more details and to secure your seat. Passionflower Sue, known for her wearables, large-scale designs, and overall ingenuity (we like to call her the Floral MacGyver) hopes to inspire her students to see themselves as artists and push the art of floristry forward. She will share the essential foundational techniques that once mastered, allow a sense of ease to the process of arranging, and will offer insight into essential art & design principles that have transformed the way she designs. Once these techniques have been learned, students will be encouraged to follow their own unique points of view and make the things they’re craving to see. On top of all of that, Sue is passionate about sustainability in the floral industry, and will offer techniques that will make low waste and sustainable design attainable.


Sue will lead the students through a series of designs, focusing on foundational techniques that will provide a sound technical base for students to expand upon and create designs unique to their style.


Nicole Clarey will be on hand to capture professional fine art pictures of you and your work perfect to post on social media, your blog and to add to your portfolio!


Passionate about sustainability, this entire course will be foam-free with an emphasis on eco-friendly floral practices.


JULY 1-2


October 20-21



Susan McLeary - Mayesh Design Star

Sue Mcleary is a floral designer, three-dimensional artist and instructor who creates unique and uncommon boundary-pushing floral art including elaborate headpieces, floral wearables, and her signature succulent jewelry. Sue's intricate, seasonally-inspired creations and wearable floral pieces have been described as exquisite "living artwork." Considered one of the country's top designers of floral wearables and succulent jewelry, her work has twice graced the cover of Fusion Flowers magazine, and has been featured in leading industry publications and websites.

Susan McLeary - Mayesh Design Star

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