Unexpected Love for Our Flower Library


It makes us very happy here at Mayesh Wholesale Florist when we put a ton of sweat and effort into something and our customers end up loving it.  We’ve heard from many of you on how much you love our new Flower Library, but we didn’t expect much else.  Then this week, we had a customer call our Cleveland location with a story.

Christa, our customer,  just finished up with a wedding consultation that went very smoothly.  The bride was super organized, had pictures of all the flowers she wanted to use, and knew all the names.  Christa told the bride that she was very impressed with everything that she knew and asked how she was able to prepare so well.  The bride said “oh, I went to a place called mayesh.com and I was able to find everything that I wanted to use”!

We think it’s great that we have developed a fresh flower knowledge library that your customers can use to help prepare for their meetings with you!  We think it’s so great that we have another project up our sleeves for the future to help you even more, so be sure to stay tuned!

Do you have any similar stories like this one?  If so, we’d love to hear ‘em!


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