Turing Your Ideas & Inspiration into Flawless Events

“Turning Your Ideas & Inspiration into Flawless Events” was the second seminar that I took on Tuesday given by Tara Guerard of Soiree by Tara Guerard.  I’m starting with my second because for my first day it was my favorite and I think you will LOVE hearing about it (be sure to tell me what you think in the comments below).  My pictures aren’t the best quality as I was taking pictures of a projection screen and doesn’t do Tara’s work justice, so be sure to check her blog for plenty of pretties!

Tara Guerard is an amazing designer.  She has grown her business in such a way that she only takes on clients that have a budget of $150,000 or more!  So the the pictures that she shared may not be for the everyday bride or floral designer, but her ideas and where she gets her inspiration can be applied to all design situations, floral or otherwise.

Miss Guerard always starts out by finding what the bride is all about.  She asked the seminar attendees whether or not they visit the bride at her home for any of the consultations and most did not raise their hands.  Tara says this is the best way to really get a sense of who the bride is, to find out about her tastes and design aesthetic because she can view the bride where she is most comfortable and can see things (that she couldn’t without visiting), like the bride’s living room to draw inspirations – like pillows, pictures, etc.



The first wedding soiree that Tara described is one in which the bride fell in love with a big beautiful tree.  That tree inspired so much of the wedding, really tying it together and gave it the casual feel that the bride was after – under the actual tree is where the ceremony took place.  Tara loves to custom design graphics for her events and use the pattern for pillows, the bar, water bottle labels, tray liners, etc.  It gives her brides the custom feel that they crave. 




Tara always includes 4 sections in her events – ceremony, cocktails, reception, and lounge.  She believes that having sections really make for a very fun event, especially a separate lounge area because it forces people from the dinner table and join in the festivities.  In addition to the 4 sections, Tara loves to include outdoor porches whenever possible

Words of advice from Tara:

  • Don’t freak out or get upset of things do not go as planned.  She used an example of planting rye grass that didn’t end up growing, so instead a friend went to a baseball field, cut out the pieces they needed, and then returned the grass after the event.
  • Use lamps instead of fluorescent lighting.  Tara loves the low warm lighting that a lamp gives.  She tries not to use too much overhead lighting.
  • Uses 25 to 40 watt bulbs that are on a dimmer so she is always able to control the lighting.
  • Never use the large round tables (60 inches or more) because they are not conducive to conversation.  She loves to use square or long rectangular tables as she finds them best for conversation.
  • If creating an event with clear top tents, put tarps on top to block the sun and help keep the flowers fresh.
  • Tara loves to make custom linens and does lots of etched glass.
  • This designer suggests using cake tables that are 42 inches high to create more of a centerpiece out of the cake.
  • Always uses mosquito machines six weeks prior for outdoor events.

My favorite words of advice is that you need to let the brides inspire you.  Take what they give you and run with it – whether it is a cool business card that they love or the whole tent sketched out.

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