TSE Session: Add Flowers, Grow Profits & Reboot!

I didn’t fully read the description for this Special Event session before attending, so I didn’t realize that it was a floral session geared towards non-floral professionals. Needless to say it wasn’t what I was hoping for, but I tried to make the best of it and pull some useful and relevant information for you.

One of the speakers was Ian Prosser of Botanica International Design Studio Botanica International Design Studio , the others shall remain nameless as they could be considered competitors.

The first half of the seminar Ian and others reviewed the real basics:  whether you should offer floral, starter tool kit, pricing, and preparing for brides by staying up-to-date with current trends.

Before diving more into the wedding trends that were discussed in this session I want to address a statement made by our “competitor” during the session. She stated that your local wholesaler cannot be an expert on all flowers available, while eluding that her company is. I didn’t appreciate her comment for a couple of different reasons. First, being responsible for a large part of Mayesh’s marketing I’m a believer in positive messaging. I don’t think the way to long term growth and creating deep customer connections can be maintained by putting down your competition. Although, I know plenty of other companies who use this strategy, I just think it is tacky and weak. Other than my philosophical differences, I also believe that the statement is completely false. If you need or want information on a particular cut flower, Mayesh is your wholesaler. we have a wealth of knowledge and are always eager to spread that wealth. Now, does one person know all that there is to know. Probably not, but as a collective we are extremely knowledgeable on all products that we sell.

I will now settle back down and get back to the trends. One thing that we all can probably agree on is that flowers are so obvious with their absence. Fresh flowers really make a wedding or event.

Wedding Trend #1:  “Vintage Anthropology” –
This first trend uses of bold mixed colors and prints, and is not matchy-matchy.  This is surely for a bride who loves color and isn’t afraid of trying something different.

vintage anthropology wedding trend

Wedding Trend #1: “Romantic Garden”
Think mercury glass, blush tones, and lush florals.  Ian warns that when using cheap mercury glass, that you use a liner because the paint will com off. 

romantic garden wedding trend

Wedding Trend #1: Fresh Urban Chic
This trend utilizes tones of green and white for a crisp and clean, but beautiful look.  You can use wheat grass and succulents, for example to pull off a very fresh urban chic feel.  For those designs that use succulents en mass, Ian suggests using toothpicks to poke into the back of the succulent and interest the pick into wet foam.  The pick will then swell and stay in place for your event. 

fresh urban chic wedding trend

Here are some other words of wisdom from Mr. Prosser:

  • Placemats are coming back into fashion.  You can buy them in packs and is a great way to bring color/texture to a table.
  • Callas and herbs are simple and easy flowers to utilize for an event.
  • Use premade leis on the back of chairs.
  • Order ten percent extra hydrangea for an event.
  • Tall centerpiece containers need to be at least thirty inches tall.
  • Short containers should be no more than sixteen inches tall.
  • When working with moss bring a dust buster with you to clean up the mess it will create.
  • Be ready for emergencies – Learn how to make a bout or a fast bouquet by plucking stems out of centerpieces if needed.

What wedding trends are you now seeing for 2012?

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