Top 10 Flower Pulls

top 10 Mayesh Flower Pulls

Some of my favorite posts to Instagram and Facebook this past year were the gorgeous flower pulls artfully arranged by Mayesh LAX Shipping’s Kelly Girard. She is a serious force and has inspired thousands with her famous Mayesh Flower Pulls! In 2016, Kelly created about 300 of these beauties and she was so kind to go through all of them to pick her top 10 favorites! Kelly described the process as difficult saying that it was like “choosing a favorite child”, but her labor of love is below to show you her very favorite flower combinations including a short description and the month that the pull was complete. Thank you Kelly!! I hope that you enjoy and would love to know which one is your ultimate favorite! And no cheating, you have to pick just one … 

Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Gorgeous Spring Palette of Peach, Coral, Butter Yellow, and Shades of Pink :::

Local garden spray roses, fruiting branches, vines, dahlias, novelty tulips, sweet peas, with other frilly and fancy blooms!

:: JUNE ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Hot Summer Palette of Burgundy, Coral, Plum, Peach, and Red :::

Protea, berries, crocosmia, garden roses, cottage yarrow, scabiosa, and other wild garden textures!

:: AUGUST ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Rustic Fall Palette of Bronze, Coral, Burgundy, Peach, Terracotta, Chocolate, Rust, and Red :::

Amaranthus, rosehips, strawflower, zinnias, celosia, ball dahlias, french tulips, fruiting branches, with other gorgeous fall focals and fillers!



Mayesh Flower Pull

:: A Cool Winter Palette of White, Bronze, Cream, and Beige :::

Eremeres, sweet peas, pieris buds, garden roses, astrantia, peonies, and other delicate accents!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Rich Jewel Tone Palette of Coral, Chocolate, Hot Pink, Red and Burgundy, With Accents of Peach and Bronze :::

Blooming euphorbia, dahlias, peonies, garden roses, hyacinth, anemones, and other saucey showstoppers!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Romantic Palette of Blush, Cream, White, and Shades of Peach :::
Poke weed, snowberries, blushing bride, garden spray roses, ranunculus, gomphrena, zinnias, and other fabulous blooms!

:: JULY ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Bright and Bold Palette of Coral, Orange, Peach, Red, and Hot Pink :::

Foxglove, kalanchoe, poppies, blackberries, godetia, pepperberry, polygonum, with other wild and crazy blossoms!

:: JULY ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Muted Pastel Palette of Blush, Peach, Mauve, Lavender, and Beige, With Accents of Plum, Chocolate, and Bronze :::

Strawflower, antique carnations, chili peppers, astrantia, novelty tulips, garden roses, lisianthus, cosmos, and other garden accents!



Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Feminine Palette of White, Coral, Shades of Pink, and Peach :::

Giant coxcomb, dahlias, garden roses, anemones, scabiosa, astilbe, garden spray roses, with other loose and delicate textures!

:: AUGUST ::


Mayesh Flower Pull

::: A Dark and Moody Palette of Plum, Purple, Burgundy, and Chocolate, With Accents of Mauve, Lavender, and Blush :::

Antique hydrangea, variegated ranunculus, allium, lilac, sweet peas, hellebores, clematis, blackberries, lophomyrtus, with other rich and wild accents!


8 comments on “Top 10 Flower Pulls
  1. Emily King says:

    Are any of these flower pulls for the same company? Interested in who used the flowers that were pulled. Beautiful palettes!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Yvonne Ashton says:

      Hi Emily – Kelly has a bunch of customers that she does this for each week. One of those customers is our Mayesh Design Star, Christy Hulsey of Colonial House of Flowers. THANKS!!

      • Yes! It’s no secret, I love a Mayesh Pull. It saves me so much time and money. Plus it’s cool to see the actual flowers before they board to get to our shop. I love it! Highly recommend.

      • Yes! It’s no secret, I love a Mayesh Pull. It saves me so much time and money. Plus it’s cool to see the actual flowers before they board to get to our shop. I love it! Highly recommend. I’ve always used Kelly. But this year, as we traveled for the workshop tour I am able to see pulls in other branches. And, they’re all really good!!

  2. Lesley says:

    Kelly’s pulls are the best pulls! We use Mayesh regularly and I have the most fun designing when Kelly send’s me a mixed box of her choice. She mixes colors and textures so well! It’s seriously like Christmas morning opening up her boxes. Thanks Kell!

  3. I love Kelly’s Pulls! If I have a photo shoot coming up, or any project in which I want to design off recipe, I know that I receive a gorgeous and inspired selection. Some of my favorite bouquets and certainly some of my most published designs are created from Kelly’s Pulls. I love when the box comes in. So much fun!!!

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