Thinking About Trying Us Out?

Where do you buy your wholesale flowers from?  It is always little scary when deciding whether or not to try something new, especially a new wholesale florist.  For flower designers, the fresh cut flowers you decide to use combined with your artistic ability is everything – gains repeat business, new customers, maybe even new business ventures.  So for us, Mayesh, it is always a challenge to try and gain a customer’s trust, especially when they can be hundreds of miles away.

I can honestly say that we have the best people behind Mayesh who are extremely dedicated to improving and strengthening our industry.  But, as I find myself often repeating, it’s always better to hear how great a company is from someone other than the company itself.  Which brings me to my main point . . . We get in positive feedback each week and I wanted to share these two customer testimonials that came over just this week.

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