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Well, not the redcoats, but as I am writing about Valentine’s Day in Ecuador for the 7th or 8th time, the title is an attempt to put a new spin on the situation. Nonetheless, Freedom is coming to the USA, Freedom being the top selling red rose of 2011 in the USA by far, as well as many other roses for this annual paean to love, namely Valentine’s Day. However, much like the incredibly smooth and calm surface of Lago VD01San Pedro pictured here gives an impression of tranquility, the clouds overhead portend a somewhat variable forecast for roses. There has been bright, intense sun in early January, followed by two weeks of clouds and substantial amounts of rain that has diminished the supply of premium roses. On Wednesday 1st of February, LanChile cancelled three flights and Tampa postponed one. As I write there are some 8 or 9,000 full boxes of roses overflowing from coolers at the airport meaning delays for many customers in Miami, with reciprocal issues for truck connections. LanChile has assured customers that planes will arrive to clear the backlog, but this will probably take two days to complete, as more and more boxes continue to arrive at the airport. In other words, it is a normal Valentine’s season here in Ecuador.

I can report that all of Mayesh’s boxes are moving without incident, as our commitment to excellence extends to paying a little more per kg to UPS, the only cargo airline in Ecuador and Colombia that runs on a fixed schedule. And that means Mayesh roses arrive into our Miami warehouse, they make normal connections to trucks and airplanes and thus get to our locations and customers in a timely and expeditious manner.


Some farms are experiencing delays of a day or two due to the less than brilliant luminosity but we expect that most of Mayesh’s roses will be delivered to customers as scheduled.

So far, I am working in the coolers a little harder than usual as we have many more farms to check, and as well as verifying freshness and quality, endeavoring to eliminate any roses that may have botrytis. As such, and with farms’ cooperation, we have managed to stop these diseased products from leaving Ecuador.

Our first major load will fly out on Saturday, so tomorrow will be spent at the farms engaged in quality control and imploring farms to make timely deliveries of flowers to our freight forwarder. Because right now the cargo situation in Quito could be called a cluster – add your noun of choice please – and on time delivery to UPS eliminates almost all logistics issues that could arise.

But one thing is for sure; The Red Roses are coming!!


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