The Mayesh Design Star Contest Finalists

Last week, my boss, Cindie Boer interviewed all 10 Design Star Semi-Finalists.  After speaking to everyone, our job to choose the 5 finalists was pretty difficult because all 10 designers are amazing people who truly love what they do and have so much passion for their craft, floral design.  Mayesh would be honored to have any of the 10 semi-finalists as our Mayesh Design Star!  Thank you again to our top 10 and to everyone who entered the contest – you all rock!

But as you know, we are running a contest and we need to find just 1 Mayesh Design Star who will be our 2012 designer spokesperson and who will win an amazing trip to Holland!  So after much deliberation, our 5 finalists are listed below!

Congratulations and Good Luck!  Voting begins tomorrow, October 15 until October 22!

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