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We’re so excited to introduce a fun new blog series, and it involves you! We are always getting asked different questions about all things floral, and while we can answer them, we thought that the answers you’re really looking for would come from your peers. We’ve put together an “expert panel,” if you will, which we are calling the “The Mayesh Floral Forum.” When we see a question that seems to be trending, the Floral Forum will weigh in and share their advice and opinions on the matter.

Our hope for this series is that these posts turn into a space where you can learn from fellow designers, share your own thoughts & opinions, and ask the burning questions. Whether you’re a budding florist or an industry veteran, we encourage everyone to get involved!

Our eclectic group of Mayesh Floral Forum designers includes past & current Mayesh Design Stars, and some fabulous ladies from all over (who you might recognize from our Instagram takeovers). And without further ado, let me introduce them!



Floral Forum


Veronica Cicero
Anthology Co. // @anthologyco – Miami, FL


From an early age, it was clear that Veronica’s path would be in some sort of creative field. Shortly after graduating from art school in New York, Veronica started decorating parties for friends & visiting the flower market, and that was it! She has now moved her talents down south to Miami, where she has combined both floral design & event styling. Veronica describes her design style as playful, unexpected, and textural. To learn more about Veronica, check out the interview we did with her here! (Photo by @giannycampos)


Floral Forum


Carla Kayes
Carla Kayes Floral Design // @carlakayes – Southern California


From graphic design to owning a wholesale dried flower company, to starting her own floral design studio eight years ago, Carla has been in the creative field for as long as she can remember. Carla’s designs are natural, organic and lush, inspired by the flower garden she grew up tending to with her mom. More on Carla here! (Photo by @jenna_photo)


Floral Forum


Shawn Michael Foley
Hothouse Design Studio // @andtherealshawn – Birmingham, AL


Shawn, one of our current Design Stars, has a passion for creative expression, and is best known for his “Human Form Project,” an annually themed floral art/fashion series showcasing a fusion of beauty, blooms, and body. Shawn is dedicated to floral education, making him the perfect fit for the Mayesh Floral Forum. Check out our previous interview with him here! (Photo by Matt Mathews Photography)


Floral Forum


Randi Eshelman
Carte Blanche Design // @carteblanchedesign – Arizona


Four years ago, Randi left her corporate job in Commercial Real Estate to explore her love of floral design & the wedding industry. After doing a little freelancing on the side to get her feet wet, she took the plunge and started her own company, Carte Blanche Design. She is inspired by soft, organic and artistic floral design, and is so happy with her decision to take a risk and follow her passion! Read more about Randi & her journey as a designer here. (Photo by @danielkimphoto)


Floral Forum


Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF
Houston, TX


Beth started her career in the industry over twenty years ago. Her floral journey has allowed her to travel internationally as a product development designer as well as become one of the newest floral and event specialists on the Mayesh team. As a past Design Star you may recognize her from the Mayesh Youtube channel that is full of tutorials and products showcases. She has a passion for flowers and design and has created draw dropping displays that call upon her sculptural background as a 3D artist. Here is our interview back in 2014 when she became our Design Star!


Floral Forum


Rachael Lunghi
Siren Floral Co. // @sirenfloralco – Southern California


Rachael is your go-to girl for all things bohemian & free-spirited. She first started out with a design/styling/coordination business, Lace and Likes, but when clients kept asking her to help with their flowers, she decided to give it a try! After slowly educating herself and lots of practice, she eventually fell in love with flowers, and Siren Floral Co. was born. Learn more about Rachael on our blog! (Photo by @keithasavage)


Floral Forum

Cynthia Sanchez
The Blooming Bud // @thebloomingbud – Southern California


Cynthia has been doing floral design off and on for twelve years. After working in a flower shop in high school, she decided to study Interior Design, and worked in that field for a couple years. She was soon reminded of her love of working with her hands, and more specifically, flowers, and decided to quit her job at a top commercial design firm in Orange County, CA to pursue her dreams and start The Blooming Bud! She describes her style as ‘whimsically balanced’ – isn’t that the greatest description?! Want to know more? Check out her interview here! (Photo by @coriklecknerphotography)


Floral Forum


Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CAFA, CF
Blumz by JR Designs // @blumzbyjrdesigns – Detroit, MI


Jerome, our other current Mayesh Design Star, has been in the floral industry for over twenty five years, starting out in the fashion industry as a visual merchandiser and fashion coordinator. He worked at a farmer’s market in the summer months selling garden flowers and creating bouquets, and eventually did some small weddings. When he was given the opportunity to buy a small floral shop, Jerome jumped at the opportunity, and the rest is history! More on Jerome here.


Floral Forum


Jodi Duncan AIFD
Jodi Duncan Designs // @jodiduncan – Norris City, Illinois


Jodi, former Mayesh Design Star, is a full-service florist in her hometown of Norris City, Illinois, providing floral design and wedding planning services as well as rentals. She has been a long-time fan of TED Talks, and when she recently had the opportunity to apply to be a speaker at a local TEDx event, she jumped at the opportunity to share her passion for flowers with her community. Check out our follow-up interview to her experience as a TED speaker!


Floral Forum

Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI
Hothouse Design Studio // @hothousedesignstudio – Birmingham, AL


Mandy (yet another former Design Star!) has been surrounded by flowers for as long as she remember, as she grew up in her Grandmother’s flower shop. With a background in Interior Design and floristry in her blood, Mandy started Hothouse Design Studios in Birmingham, AL, where she also acts as a Wedding & Corporate Specialist. Here’s a little throwback interview we did when she became our Design Star back in 2011! (Photo by Matt Mathews Photography)


Now that you’ve gotten to know our designers, stay tuned for our first official “Mayesh Floral Forum,” with questions coming from you!

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