The Art of Flowers by Joanna Park

We have shared with you Beth O’Reilly’s and Steven Santos’ vision for “The Art of Flowers” contest boxes.  Today, with only until this Wednesday to register for the contest, we are going to share with you Joanna Park’s vision.  Again, all three designers received them same flowers, but their each of their floral art pieces took different directions.  Thank you to Beth, Joanna, and Steven for helping us with this experiment and getting us excited for our upcoming contest!

I love designing the unexpected.  For me, each piece needs to have enough of an appeal to stop someone in their tracks and take a closer look.  Both of these designs are non-traditional and a true reflection of me. So, in honor of celebrating “The Art of Flowers” and floral artisans, cheers to you! Enjoy!

For the exotic mix box, I wanted the flowers to look like they were floating – almost like an illusion. So I wired the orchids onto the horsetail.  And I used a clear tape grid over the top of the vase to hold the horsetail under water and give the the orchids on top a floating look.

cymbidium ginger horsetail exotic design

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