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#MayeshFrighteningFlorals Week 2 Winners



We hope you all had a wonderful & spooky Halloween! We’re wrapping up one of our favorite holidays with the final four winners of our #MayeshFrighteningFlorals Instagram challenge. Congrats everyone!


Winners, please use our Contact Us page to send us your name, address, and Mayesh rep so we can send you your prize!











2016 Floral Fantasy Winner


We are always excited to see how far our customer’s creativity can go and that is why we love the Floral Fantasy contest so much! As with any contest, picking a winner wasn’t easy but our team got together and picked the design that really spoke to the “disco celebration of color” theme for our annual Art In Full Bloom event.

Without further ado we would like to congratulate Brent Wang of Miguel Changs on being the winner of this years Floral Fantasy contest.



Brent describes the concept for “Disco Cell” as “a peak into the inner implosion of prismic color activity within one mirrored cell of a disco ball. Using reflections, lights and color, it creates a voyeuristic experience with a disco ball at the cellular level”.

We can dig that!



Can’t wait to see your vision come to life, Brent!

2015 Floral Fantasy Winners

Floral Fantasy


I love seeing what our customers dream up for our Floral Fantasy contest! Getting to go through the drawings and descriptions, I can feel the passion that each an every floral designer put into their designs. Like last year, we opened up the contest to our employees as well because we have so many talented designers and we want to give them the opportunity to get involved. As always, making a decision is never easy because we had so many amazing concepts entered. But alas, we did come to a decision and below you will find out our two winners, whose designs were both inspired by the French theme of our Art in Full Bloom event. Congratulations to April Schwietz Mason and Toni Andrade! Both winners will receive a trip for 2 to Las Vegas, be provided with the materials to create their floral fantasy, and have their designs showcased at Art in Full Bloom! Below are the details for both designs:


Floral Fantasy


April Schwietz Mason of Mocha Rose in Pittsburgh, PA is our customer winner! When reading through her description, all I could think is that I really want to see a floral 3-D interpretation of Monet’s Water Lilies!! Here is April’s thoughts on her Floral Fantasy:

“What many people do not know is that Monet himself had a great love of flowers, so much that he spent decades digging the gardens, creating the waterlily pond, breeding new varieties of iris and traveling to Paris to collect rare seeds. Before he created the paintings, he created the gardens themselves.

It is my floral fantasy to bring Monet’s paintings to life once again as a three dimensional flower wall. I chose this particular painting because it has a good opportunity for depth. The wall itself would be 6 foot high and 7 foot long. Then the design would extend out so that it is 2-3 feet deep. From the top, I would hang feather eucalyptus to mimic the willow trees. Then the flower wall with be filled with mixed shades of delphinium and hydrangeas to fill the pond. This will be the furthest back area in the design to create depth. At the bottom of the wall, the lily pads and flowers will be closer to the viewer in the front of the wall and I will make detailed 3 dimensional water lilies made from a composite of pink cymbidium orchid petals and the lily pads made from mini monstera leaves.

I would hope that if Monet were alive today, he would take pleasure in seeing his gardens that became treasured paintings will come alive again as a wall made out of flowers.”


Floral Fantasy


Toni Andrade, an Event Specialist of our Mayesh LAX branch, is a crazy talented designer and I was so excited to see that she entered this year! Toni wants to create the cabaret dancer, Edmonde Guydens, who wore a beautiful lace costume while performing at the Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris (1926).

“I will recreate the lace costume with garden roses, lacey greens and novelty floral, and place it on a posed mannequin. My Floral Fantasy with be mostly flowers; however, other materials with be utilized to create texture and interest.”

We hope that if you are in the Las Vegas area on November 13th for our annual Art in Full Bloom event to benefit SafeNest (click here for more information).

2016 Mayesh Design Stars

2016 Mayesh Design Star


We had 17 amazing people enter our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars Contest and have collected over 2,000 votes! For the fourth time, we are unveiling our new Mayesh Design Star, but this year there is a twist as we are having TWO winners, with a prize package that included a Holland Flower Trip!!


Congratulations to Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CF and Shawn Michael Foley!!


Jerome and Shawn join an exclusive club of elite designers and educators who have touched lives of floral designers all around the world with our videos. Mayesh’s YouTube channel has garnered well over 1,000,000 views with the majority of those views attributed to our Mayesh Design Stars’ videos! We are excited to see these two guys in action and cannot wait to share their first videos with you! Stay tuned …


Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners

Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners


Wow, 13 weeks of our #Mayeshgram Instagram Photo Challenge has come and gone!  Can you believe it? I have to say that we really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures posted!  Everyday we see beautiful flowers in buckets or boxes, but do not get to appreciate their beauty once they leave our coolers and are arranged into countless designs.  So thank you to all who participated and tagged over 2,000 photos!  Amazing!  While we do not have a contest/challenge going on right now, feel free to continue to use the #Mayeshgram hashtag.  I’m sure we will do something fun again and if you have any challenge/contest idea, please let me know.

OK, so on to why we are here … week 13 winners!  The last week of our challenge yielded many beautiful pics to choose from, but I decided to select two very different designs.

Winners, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!



Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners


Week 13 #Mayeshgram Winners

#MayeshGram: Week 12 Winners

#Mayeshgram Contest

This week it’s all about the effortless wild flower trend. Our first #MayeshGram winner, @lauramccarty, complemented a stunning bride in a colored gown with a gorgeous bouquet of bright pinks, rich burgundies (hello color of the year, marsala!) and whimsical greens to finish it off. Such a beautiful photo! Our second winner,@bloomsbybreesalee, made us giggle at her caption, and gives us a little taste of what it’s like behind the scenes … all the leaves! Can’t wait to see what these turn into!


Winners, please use our Contact Us Page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!

@lauramccarty of Marked in Birmingham, AL

#Mayeshgram Winners


@bloomsbybreesalee of Southern California & New York City

“This is how it’s going today”

#Mayeshgram Winners

#Mayeshgram: Week 11 Winner

#Mayeshgram winner


Can you tell that we’re currently loving color? This week’s #MayeshGram winner is another arrangement full of bright and summery flowers and greenery! @maryloverichardson created a fabulous arrangement using peonies, ranunculus, roses and more for a New Orleans themed gala. We’re in love!

Mary, please use our Contact Us Page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!

@maryloverichardson of Rosemary & Finch in Nashville, TN



#Mayeshgram: Week 10 Winner

#Mayeshgram Winner

Our Week 10 #Mayeshgram winner is certainly getting us in the mood for summer, which officially begins in less than two weeks! @rachelosguthorpe’s bright pops of color with peonies, ranunculus, dahlias and succulents are the perfect combination to brighten up a breezy, summer beach wedding!

Rachel, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!

@rachelosguthorpe of Salt Lake City, Utah

“a sea of beautiful arrangements #fratilawedding #beachwedding#californiawedding #succulents #peonies #ranunculus #dahlias”

#Mayeshgram: Week 9 Winners

#Mayeshgram Contest


Okay, the moment we saw this #Mayeshgram, we knew it was a shoo-in for one of our Week 9 winners! How cool is this @inessanicholsdesign leaf patterned backdrop?! Plus, behind the scenes photos are always fun too. Our second winner, @c.bloomdesign shared with us a gorgeous and whimsical arrangement featuring Eremurus! We’re loving all of your photos, keep on tagging #Mayeshgram for a chance to win!

Winners, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch. Thanks!

@inessanicholsdesign of Southern California


#Mayeshgram Winners


@c.bloomdesign of Las Vegas & Southern California


#Mayeshgram Winners


Week 8 #Mayeshgram Winner

#Mayeshgram Winner

Week 8 of our #Mayeshgram Instagram photo challenge has come and gone, which means we need to announce our winner.  This week we selected the gorgeous wedding bouquet below that was shot for Savannah Magazine designed by Colonial House of Flowers!


Colonial House of Flowers of Statesboro, GA


“found our happy place yesterday with the most amazing people! promise, they’re really awesome and we pretty much want to make bouquets and visit with them every single day. amazing photographyness by @harwellphoto impeccable styling @designstudiosouth can’t wait to see the whole thing in @savannahmagazine!! @savannahvintagerentals @ivoryandbeau @lowcountrypaper @lancemiles @theparismarket @jenrene16 @beyondbeautifulbyheather #mayeshgram

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