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Valentine’s Day 2016: Rose Farm Visits

Valentine's Day 2016 at Mayesh
Valentine’s Day 2016 is quickly approaching. Soon you will be standing on a floor of stems and leaves as you process your wholesale roses and other flowers in preparation for your holiday orders. Here at Mayesh preparations have already begun. Juan, of our purchasing department, is currently in Ecuador visiting our rose farms. He is there to inspect our boxes (well, technically they are your boxes) and help manage the logistics to ensure timely deliveries. This is a crazy time of year for us all and we strive to take the extra step for you, our customer, to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few pictures I thought you would enjoy from yesterday’s visits to Nevado, Ecuanrose and Flower Cargo at the airport before our boxes flown to Miami.

I wish you an uber successful Valentine’s Day and want to thank you in advance for your support!

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WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-NEVA 1
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-ECNR 3 thumb
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-NEVA 2 thumb
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-ECNR 1

Wholesale Red Roses: Showtime Checkmate

Looking for a variety to add to your arsenal of premium red roses?  Checkout Showtime Checkmate … coming to a local Mayesh near you!  This variety of red rose is known for its rich red color, large head size, opening fully in water, a 10 day vase life, long strong stems,  and healthy green foliage.

Our Mayesh branches will be vase testing over the next couple of weeks, and I have contacted David Dahlson of our Miami branch to do a vase test for the blog.  Stay tuned!!

Contact your Mayesh rep to learn more and check them out!


New Peach Rose – Wedding Spirit

New Peach Rose - Wedding Spirit


Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

Anyone who has been in the cut-flower industry for ten years or more will remember the unique peach color of the Osiana rose. Its disappearance left a void in the florists palette as it was a unique peach that went well with many a peach taffeta or silk fabric. Clear, pure and homogenous it was very popular, but, perhaps due to its inherent banality it slowly faded until today there are no growers of repute with this variety in the ground.

But recently Rosen Tantau, a key rose breeder from Sparrieshoop, Germany introduced a variety called “Wedding Rose®” which upon unfurling its plethora of petals displays that rich deep peach color that was so appealing in Osiana. But whereas the latter was a high-centered hybrid tea-rose, this glorious cultivar is an over-sized complex bloom with at least 60 petals. They are displaced in the form of an old damask-bourbon cross, fully double and while often fully quartered, many blooms have a somewhat informal and billowy structure. When tight, in the form as it arrives to the client, it has creamy exterior petals, the actual guard petals being significantly green, but not to worry as the exuberant color is quick to show as it opens. I highly recommend that the guard petals be removed when the flowers are processed.

We expect this to be a great rose for the 2015 season, but for this year expect only occasional flushes as growers harvest sporadically while they structure their plants.


Mayesh is offering this garden rose as “Wedding Spirit” because many growers have dubbed the rose this way, probably as a nod to Free Spirit, a rose also developed by Tantau.

Will this be one of your new favorite peach roses?

Wholesale Roses – Weather & Other Issues

I just wanted to share some important information regarding our current wholesale roses in terms of production, availability, and spider mites.  Please read below a message from our Purchasing Department:

Rose production is extremely low this week in Ecuador and Colombia due to some unseasonably cold and rainy weather conditions. “Fall colors” in particular are in very short supply.

We are also still having problems with the Ecuadorian government’s crackdown on spider mites, which means that several confirmed orders each day are not being allowed to fly to Miami, and instead are returned to the farms.

To mitigate potential issues, please have substitutions and back-up plans for orders planned out ahead of time with your Mayesh floral sales professional.



Ecuador 2012: Test Rose Varieties

So before we get to the gorgeous eye candy that Sabrina has to share with you, I wanted to start by saying about 4 weeks ago, I was contacted by Ramiro Peñaherrera, whom you may know as he is the director of Flowers For Kids.  He was recruiting a group of bloggers and writers to go down to Ecuador to attend the FlorEcuador/Agriflor show in Quito and tour a few farms.  I was so excited to be given such an opportunity, but realized that I couldn’t go as I had personal travel plans already booked.  Fortunately, my team member, Sabrina Mesa was able to go and I cannot wait to share with you all of the great content that she was able to gather!  A big shout out and thank you to Ramiro for thinking of Mayesh!  Enjoy and stay tuned!


Blogger:  Sabrina Mesa


I just could not wait to share some of these awesome pictures with you all!  Last week I was in Ecuador attending a tour of farms as well as attending the FlorEcuador/Agriflor show in Quito.  One of my favorite farms was Rosaprima.



Located in Cayambe which is a little over an hour drive from Quito. Rosaprima is one of the largest farms in the area. Some pretty impressive stats:

  • 17 years in business
  • 70 hectares or 172.97 acres of land
  • 800 employees
  • 36,000,000 stems per year grown
  • 120 rose varieties

My favorite part of the tour was the testing greenhouse containing possible future production roses.  All of the varieties below are in testing phase and are only known as numbers. Aren’t they beautiful? These pictures are just a handful of varieties that I found intriguing. Many of these varieties will never go into production for one reason or another. The entire greenhouse is filled with new and amazing roses.

More info on this farm and all of the other farms I visited on my trip to Ecuador coming to you soon.

And don’t forget while browsing the images below: these are NOT available and may never be, BUT if they do eventually make it to commercial production, we will let you know!


Secret Garden Rose

I recently posted a picture of a bunch of wholesale “Secret Garden” roses (see the “BEFORE” picture below) and was asked by one of our community members how it opened.  Tricia Tang, our Miami, Florida branch manager, was able to snag a stem to test out and I would like to share with you the results.




As you can see in the subsequent pictures this rose opens to a mauvy pink color with a nice sized head, measuring in at 4-5 inches and having no fragrance.





Florists, will you be using the “Secret Garden” rose soon?  Or maybe you already have.  If so, share with us any other insight you may have on this beautiful rose.

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