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Wondrous Brown Lisianthus



We are so excited to introduce this brand new lisianthus variety grown exclusively for Mayesh by Montana Lisianthus. Read more about Montana Lisianthus here – one of our favorite growers in our Luxe Blooms line!



These beautiful single blooms have touches of light brown, nude and peach tones, and are the perfect color for the quickly approaching fall season! As this is a new product, quantities may be limited – connect with your sales rep to find more info about availability.




Moon Gate Arches and Floral Hoops


Moon gate arches and floral hoops can really add that wow factor to any event with their unique shape and ethereal nature. Plus, they’re not hard to design once you get going. All you need are some clippers, zip ties/floral wire, a water source, and of course, those beautiful wholesale flowers. Then you just need the actual hoop or arch itself!



Have you ever wondered, though, where you can get your hands on a moon gate arch or floral hoop? If you have, look no further, because we did the research for you. Check out our list below, and let us know in the comments if you’ve found somewhere else to get one!


Moon Gate Arch – FlowersByNelly – Etsy


Moon Gate 7 ft. Steel Arch Arbore – Hayneedle


Moon Gate Garden Arch – A Garden Place


84″ Moon Gate – Amazon


19″ Silver Floral Hoop By Ashland – Michaels


Looking for a more DIY option? Quilting hoops or hula hoops work great – and they’re both easy to find and inexpensive! Looking for a larger hoop or moon gate arch? Connecting with a local welder is a great option to be able to customize exactly what you want!


Check out our previous Mayesh Design Star Christy Hulsey as she walks you through how to design a floral hoop. Her tips and tricks are perfect for any size, from a small floral hoop all the way up to an extra-large moon gate arch!



Host: Christy Hulsey,  Colonial House of Flowers
CHOF Team: Kaitlyn Baxter, Amanda Currier, Lanier Hays, Taylor Ellen
Styling: Whitney Downs, Whitewood Events
WE Team: Erica Cleary, Ashley Stalvey
Videographer: Justin Peay Productions
Photographer: Kelli Boyd Photography
Floral Supplies: Accent DecorOasis Floral ProductsDesign Master
Napkins and Runners: Alanah Textiles
Table Linen: BBJ Linen
Plates: R. Wood Studios
Studio Space: Roxie Remley Fine Arts Building
Hair & makeup: Jessica Belfry, Hustle & Blow Dry Bar


The Ultimate Flower Guide


Do you want 12 months of flower availability lists at your fingertips together in one place? The be sure to download our Seasonal Product Availability Guide!

Great to use for wedding & event consultations, planning product palettes for everyday designs, and new employees as a reference.



My Mayesh Pull Challenge: Holly Chapple Edition

My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers


A few months back, Kelly Girard of our LAX shipping department challenged Holly Chapple to a Mayesh Pull challenge using wholesale flowers from our Luxe Blooms line, and much to our delight, she accepted! If you’re unfamiliar with our Mayesh Pulls, check out the basic process here, and keep reading to see a real life example with the one & only Holly Chapple!





Kelly asked Holly and her team to send her one inspiration image to give her a feel for color palette and texture. From there, Kelly would put together a Mayesh Pull for Holly to design whatever she wanted and do a styled shoot.





My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers




My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers




My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers

My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers

My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers


Well, Holly took this challenge above & beyond what we even expected, taking her Instagram followers through the ENTIRE process via Instagram stories, from unpacking the boxes to designing to the final shoot!

And boy were we blown away by the results… Holly and her team knocked it out of the park, and really showed what our sales reps can pull of with one simple inspiration photo!

We hope you’re as smitten with this photoshoot as we were, and if you want your own Mayesh Pull, head over here to place your order!





My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers My Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple FlowersMy Mayesh Pull Holly Chapple Flowers



Photos: Chris from @healthfullyeverafter

Model: @jcfunkhouser

Ribbon: Honey Silk Co.


Valentine’s Day 2016: Rose Farm Visits

Valentine's Day 2016 at Mayesh
Valentine’s Day 2016 is quickly approaching. Soon you will be standing on a floor of stems and leaves as you process your wholesale roses and other flowers in preparation for your holiday orders. Here at Mayesh preparations have already begun. Juan, of our purchasing department, is currently in Ecuador visiting our rose farms. He is there to inspect our boxes (well, technically they are your boxes) and help manage the logistics to ensure timely deliveries. This is a crazy time of year for us all and we strive to take the extra step for you, our customer, to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few pictures I thought you would enjoy from yesterday’s visits to Nevado, Ecuanrose and Flower Cargo at the airport before our boxes flown to Miami.

I wish you an uber successful Valentine’s Day and want to thank you in advance for your support!

WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-WFLOWERCARGO thumb
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-NEVA 1
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-ECNR 3 thumb
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-NEVA 2 thumb
WLW-ValentinesDay2016RoseFarmVisits 9461-ECNR 1

Our 15 Most Liked Instagrams of 2015

Our 15 Most Liked Instagrams of 2015

2015 is coming to a close and what a year it has been! Our Instagram page has blown up over the past months – growing from around 3,000 at the beginning of the year to over 15,000 followers! Thank you for following along with us on our flower journey filled with beautiful blooms and great stories from our amazing designers who have done our IG takeovers!

Looking back, it is fun to see what everyone has loved the most. In terms of the wholesale flowers that we offer, if we base research purely on the top 15, then it would be safe to say that ranunculus reigned supreme. Check out what other pictures made it to the top of the list – enjoy our most liked Instagrams from 2015!


Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: May 2015

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Vanda Orchids, Carnations

In this edition of the Mayesh Wholesale Product Showcase, Beth highlights amazing product to kick off the summer wedding season.

Featured Product: Moonlight blue sundana orchid, midnight blue sandana orchid,  lava sundana orchid, fuchsia vanda, antigua carnation and alocasia foliage.

Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: April 2015

In the Wholesale Product Showcase for the month of April, we are all about spring flowers! The video highlights tulips and all their endless color choices as well as hyacinth, dahlias and orchid leis.



Wholesale Flower Product Showcase March 2015

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Beth O’Reilly highlights spring flowers that work into the Marsala palette, Pantone’s color of the year.

Featured product: Custom garlands, olive branch, bay laurel, agonis, spiraea, lilacs, jasmine vine, Japanese ranunculus, clematis, fritillaria, artemisia and Japanese lisianthus.



Watch now and contact your sales rep to order any of these blooms to spice up your flower cooler!


February 2015 Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Valentine’s Day Roses & More

In this addition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Beth O’Reilly AIFD gives you the rundown of some of the beautiful varieties of roses that Mayesh has to offer for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Featured roses: Freedom, Topaz, Hearts, Wanted, Red France, Pink Piano, Red Piano, Check Mate, Cherry O and Coral Gem spray rose.

Also featuring: Sweet William, phalaenopsis orchids and steel grass.


Flower Wall Collective Design: Behind the Scenes

Oasis was very generous in providing each of our branches with their new Floral Foam Tiles to create our flower walls.  At the end of this post, get product specs, features and directions as provided by Oasis.  But before we get to the technical information, I wanted to share some pictures and a fun time lapse video that we shot of the Mayesh Orange County Wall being created.  I hope you find this behind the scenes look helpful and inspiring!


Miami Flower Wall:

Portland Flower Wall:


Item No. 11-03251

• 18″ x 24″ x 1 ½” OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Deluxe tile adhered
to a plastic backing.
• Tile is already segmented to prevent excessive drainage.
(Patent No. 5.588.253)
• Can be used for living walls, as a sculpting sheet and more.

Tile can be soaked slowly by pouring water containing ower food
onto the tile. Or, oat the entire tile face down in water. Rigid board
may bend, support evenly.

Tile may be adhered with hook and loop tape or with nylon screws and washers.  Installation is recommended after soaking, but prior to designing. Dry the coroplast back before applying the hook and loop tape. Apply the hook tape to the foam tile, then apply the loop tape to the surface on which you are mounting the tile and press the tile in place.

Design orals as desired. Use Floralock™ Plus Stem Adhesive to secure stems, specically for living wall designs.

A fully soaked tile will weigh approximately <15 lbs.  If displaying vertically, it’s recommended to design after the tile is hung in place. OASIS® Floral Foam Tile may continue to drain, protect surfaces beneath the tile when designing.

Watch Oasis’ video here:

So what do you think?  Are you going to try using the new Oasis Floral Foam Tiles?

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