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Wholesale Flower Video: Japanese Flowers

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa will show us some of the cool and unique product we have been receiving from Japan. She will also explain the Japanese grading system. Featured product: Sweet peas, bi-color anemone, chocolate cosmos, green hybrid spray roses, gloriosa, snake allium, epidendrum orchid and ranunculus.

The Ranunculus and sweet peas will only be around for a few more weeks, which is the basis for our shipments.   So more than likely that will be when our Japanese season ends.  It was fun while it lasted!  Let us know if you were able to try out the Japanese product this season …. what did you think?


Wholesale Japanese Flowers: Ranunculus, Scabiosa & Scabiosa Pods

Last week I posted our Japanese Sweet Peas, and this week I wanted to show off a few other beautiful flowers that are available now.  You’ll find some gorgeous ranunculus in many yummy colors, scabiosa and scabiosa pods below.

But first, if you are wondering why Japanese ranunculus are so exciting, check out these 2 pictures with Japanese ranunculus alongside regular ranunculus.  Pretty amazing – right?!


Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers Wholesale Japanese Flowers

Wholesale Japanese Sweet Peas

If you keep up with our blog, then you may remember that back in December Mayesh announced that we would be bringing in Japanese flowers on a trial basis.  I just received some amazing pictures of our Japanese Sweet Peas that I had to share with you from our California branches.

The first two pictures show the stem length and flower spike of these gorgeous blooms.  Stay tuned for more pictures of other Japanese product …


Japanese Sweet Peas Japanese Sweet Peas Japanese Sweet Peas Japanese Sweet Peas Japanese Sweet Peas Japanese Sweet Peas

Coming This Spring: Japanese Fresh Cut Flowers

The floral industry is blooming in Japan, with fresh cut flowers being developed by truly artisan farmers who have been perfecting their craft for centuries.  Their fresh cut flowers are known for being pristine (even after being shipped long distances), along with unparalleled quality and grading standards.  It’s their culture to do things at the highest level.

Due to many barriers, exporting Japanese flowers has been extremely difficult.  We have been working on how to remove some of these barriers and this Spring we will be testing the viability of bringing in these novelty flowers from Japan!  Below I have some pictures to share with you, just to give you a sample of these gorgeous cut flowers.  Springtime is always a wonderful time of year and now we have even more to look forward to!


Aspidistra Casablanca Oriental Lily Catalina Spray Rose Eclair Spray Rose Eclair Spray Rose Emerald Wave Stem Yellow Gloriosa Miyama Love Miyama Love Orange Heart Gloriosa Pea Flower Pea Flower Pearl White Gloriosas Pegasus Pegasus

WF&FSA FDC2013: Mayesh Wholesale Florist Commercial

For the first time this year at the WF&FSA Floral Distribution Conference, members were asked to create fun commercials to showcase throughout the event.  We threw around so many ideas and finally settled on the video you see below.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it!



Have any great commercial ideas for us?  Share them in the comments below.  Thanks!!

Wholesale Flowers in Chandler, Arizona (August 2013)

Searching for wholesale flowers in the Chandler, Arizona area? Or how about Tucson?  Our branch located in Chandler handles both areas and always has a great variety of flowers and greens on hand.

Below is a small sample of product that could be seen in their coolers during August, but you can always know what products are available by visiting our online current availability list and, of course, by connecting with a Chandler representative.

The collage below contains: birds of paradise, chocolate cosmos, white dahlias, orange dahlias, green millet, leucadendron jester, kangaroo paw, mini gerberas, mixed Peru greens, safflower, sedum, bells of ireland, pincushion protea, and viburnum berry.



For a complete list of all of our wholesale flower distribution centers, please visit our locations page.

Wholesale Flowers in Phoenix, Arizona (July 2013)

Looking for wholesale flowers in the Phoenix, Arizona area?  Mayesh Wholesale Florist has a location in both Phoenix and Chandler.  Below is a collage created from pictures taken inside our Phoenix flower cooler.  You will find examples of the beautiful iris, berzillia, coxcomb celosia, craspedia (billy balls), dianthus, sedum, stars of bethlehem, stock, sunflowers, airplants, daisies, amaranthus, oriental lilies, clematis, coneflower, horsetail, hydrangea, pincushion protea, scabiosa pods, succulents, black diamond sunflowers, and teddy bear sunflowers that we carry.

Each week we post a comprehensive list of available wholesale flowers. Be sure to check out it out here or find it on the right hand side of our website’s homepage.



For a listing of all our Mayesh branches, please visit our locations page.

The Special Event 2013: Customer Testimonials

A couple of our customers who attended The Special Event in Chicago were brave enough to go in front of our camera to share with you why they like to buy their flowers from Mayesh Wholesale Florist.  A big thank you to Michael & Alicia!!  Check ‘em out below.


Michael Day, Flowerville

Alicia Herrle, Sheer Style


Save the Date: Wholesale Florist Open House & Design Contest

I know as soon as I say it out loud that something crazy is going to happen, but we seem to be on top of things for the beginning of next year!  We already have some great plans pulled together to put a lil’ twist on our 3rd Annual National Open House & Design Contest.  While we are pounding out the details, we still wanted to make sure that you mark your calendars.  Be sure to save the date, January 23, 2013, to come to this exciting event at your nearest Mayesh Wholesale Florist!  You won’t want to miss out!


Detroit’s Open House & Teleflora Show

Sabrina visited our Cleveland location a few days and then drove to our Detroit location to cover their Open House as well as a Teleflora class for our followers on Twitter and Facebook on October 12th. Below is a summary of her visit:


Driving from Cleveland, OH to Romulus, MI is no short trip but it sure was a beautiful one.



I have never been to the Midwest, so driving through vast farmlands and crossing one of the great lakes via a massive bridge was fun to say the least. My co-pilot Leslee from our Cleveland branch laughed at me and said “I guess you don’t cross a lot of bridges like this in Tucson, Arizona, huh?” Nope. Not like this one.

The area surrounding our Detroit wholesale floral location is vastly different from what I have envisioned. It is settled in a wooded area and not nearly as industrialized as the areas surrounding many of our other locations. It was beautiful! The location is massive and constructed with nearly every aspect of a cut floral facility thought out. It is a must visit if you are ever in the area.



Tom Metzger and his staff welcomed customers all morning during their Open House. When I arrived around 1:00 pm the place was packed with customers and the sales staff was busy preparing the whole building for the Teleflora class to be held that evening.


The Teleflora Michigan Unit held their last class of the year. The speaker was Joyce Manson-Monheim AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AzMF. According to her site:

“Joyce has been designing flowers since 1975. She graduated from Kirkwood Community College with a degree in Floriculture. After graduating she worked in a retail flower shop in Waterloo, Iowa and in 1984 moved to Tucson, AZ to manage a large retail shop operation. Since 1998 she has been a freelance floral designer and educator throughout the country, becoming an Arizona Master Florist, a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, a Certified Floral Designer, a member of the Professional Floral Communicator International, a Teleflora Educational Specialist and designing for many events and industry vendors the country. Joyce is married with 2 children and resides in Tucson, AZ.”

I stayed for the beginning of her session, during which she had some great tips. I shared a lot of them via our Twitter page.



Joyce really focused on these 2 points of emotion and service. She acknowledges that flowers are an emotion driven purchase. Flowers have been scientifically proven to affect mood.I loved this tip. Often we forget that beautiful foliage is just as expensive as cut flowers. Why do we only use foliage to cover mechanics? Show it off, and don’t give it away. Freebies are profit killers. Make sure to charge for all of your foliage and accent flowers.

Tip: “It is time to upgrade the bud vase!”

Joyce used dried lotus pods that have been cut to create a grid. This allows for minimal stems to be used but the look is very high end and has a great perceived value. Many florists rely on foliage to create the grid system needed to keep flowers stable in a bud vase. We stuff small vases. Here is a cool way to use very little stems and foliage for a great upscale bud vase look.

Tip: “Cross-train designers and drivers”

How often do drivers become designers on the fly? Rocky roads and potholes cause arrangements to shift, this is where driver turn into designers. Joyce advises that drivers shadow a designer when they are designing and designers ride along during a delivery. This will allow both parts to work together to make sure the arrangement looks great when received by the end customer.

Tip: “Use those scrapes you have been saving for years.”

How many shops have that bucket of sticks and stems? We say, “one day I will use that.” Today is the day! Joyce created some fun display pieces that can be altered for any season. She even created a very upscale version of a dozen roses. She is a big fan of branches. It allows for prep work to be done very far in advance and ready to design and sell when orders come in.



Thank you to all the attendees who came out to learn and to Joyce and Teleflora, thank you for a great program.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop and say hi to our Mayesh Detroit folks.


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