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AIFD What Inspires You Contest Winners

The 2016 AIFD Symposium is coming up and we were excited to work with AIFD to award 3 Symposium education passes! We held a contest, inspired by this year’s theme “Inspire”, in which the participants selected something that inspired them and created a complimentary floral design. Thank you to all who participated!! Our 3 winners are Fabian Salcedo, Michael McCarthy, and Pamela Ball – congratulations!!


Fabian Salcedo


AIFD What Inspires You Contest Winners


“I wanted to make a mask, but I wanted it to feel alive and or growing over the face in some sense. I used flat cane lined with wire and wrapped in yarn as the frame. I liked the red and gold palette and that nod to an Asian aesthetic. As I was creating I began to envision a kind of futuristic floral cyborg. It was the combination of these three ideas that got me to this final product.”


Michael McCarthy


AIFD What Inspires You Contest Winners


“Nature and floral design go hand in hand. It is a prominent source for inspiration in many artists. From the source photo (Bridal Veil Falls II by Peter Ireland), my design was inspired by the movement and flow of the waterfall, the lush green burst of color, and the tension of rugged and smooth textures.”


Pamela Ball


AIFD What Inspires You Contest Winners


“My floral design is based on the enchanted forest. I love how nature and fashion come together to create another world. It is a world that captures the magic and beauty of flowers. A setting in a fantasy world in a fairy godmother’s magical workshop in the heart of the enchanted forest. A quiet place that the curious and adventurous search for, but only the one with the truest heart can see. Peak into this other world and allow peace and happiness to wash over you. Allow the magical scene to envelope you in pure imagination where magic truly exists.”

2016 AIFD Symposium Contest

AIFD Symposium Contest 2016


With the 2016 AIFD Symposium just around the corner, we’ve partnered with them to give away three of the much coveted Education Passes!

For a chance to win, we’re asking you one simple question: What inspires you? Whether it be architecture, nature, or fashion, we want to see your interpretation of what inspires you in flower form. Inspiration is such a broad term that this is really your chance to go crazy and design what you’ve always wanted to! A Mayesh Panel will review all submissions and award three (3) grand prizes!

1. Describe your floral inspiration

2. Upload a collage of both your inspiration and  floral design (.jpg only)

Dream up your most creative & inspired design and you may be heading to all of the Symposium shows! Good Luck! ENTER NOW

Education Pass to 2016 AIFD Symposium in Orange County, California

Fill out the form, describe your inspiration, and submit a .jpg image of your inspiration next to your design by May 16, 2016. Please be as specific as possible, include any background information. ENTER NOW

Winners will be selected by a panel of Mayesh judges.

-April 18: first day of contest

-May 16: last day to enter the contest

-May 23: Winner will be announced

-July 3-7: AIFD Symposium
Fine Print

-Contestants must be current customers of Mayesh Wholesale Florist.

-One entry per person.

-Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. reserves the right to close registration at any time should the number of respondents become unmanageable.

-Mayesh reserves the right to change the parameters of the contest.

-By registering for the event, you are agreeing to all terms & conditions set forth above.

-Completed design and photos become the property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist and may be used in promotion and publicity.

-Dates and times are subject to change based on need.

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