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Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization


In this month’s Mayesh Design Star video, Kaylee takes us through her creative process and how she brings her bride’s wedding flower vision to life. From the first client meeting to the final design, Kaylee believes it is her goal to make their dreams a reality and reflect each couple and their unique personalities.

Kaylee uses a real-life wedding while reviewing the different elements that she takes into consideration when coming up with a design plan for her clients. The process includes getting to know her clients on a more personal basis, creating a proposal, and putting together a mood board! The results for Kaylee is knowing that her clients have a great understanding of the shared vision, building trust, and having a happy wedding couple at the end of their special day!



Host: Kaylee Young, Flourish by Kay
Videographer: Logan Martin, Talewind Visuals
Photographer: Chantel Marie





Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization

Mayesh Design Star: Wedding Flowers Inspiration to Realization



Teleflora’s South Texas Unit Presents: Wedding Trends that Wow

Teleflora's South Texas Unit: Trends that Wow

Teleflora’s South Texas Unit presents…
Wedding Trends that Wow!

Featuring: Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CF

From the initial consultation to constructing the perfect floral designs using the most up-to-date trends for 2016, Jerome will guide you through the business of weddings and events. His design tips and marketing techniques will help you capture your client’s imagination, and profitably create the event of their dreams. Get inspired, reserve your place now!

Tuesday June 21, 2016
Registration, Shopping & Dinner 5:00pm-6:30pm
Educational design program 6:30pm-8:30pm

Mayesh Wholesale
470 Garden Oaks Blvd
Houston TX 77018
(832) 410-4810

Teleflora members: pre-registered $20 / At-the-door $25
Non-members: pre-registered $25 / At-the-door $30
Pre-register by Friday June 17, 2016

Dinner is not guaranteed with at-the-door registration
Cash or check only, thank you

To register call or email:
Alli Meaux (800) 426-1931

Scholarships to the Teleflora Education Center are available.
Ask at the program for more info.

Martha Stewart Weddings’ 62 Top Floral Designers

Martha Stewart


Congratulations to Martha Stewart Weddings’ 62 Top Floral Designers!  We are honored to say that we work with the majority of this talented group!

To see the 62 designers, click here.

2015 Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala

2015 Pantone Color of the Year Marsala


Yep, it is officially that time of the year!  No, I’m not talking about the holidays, but rather the time when Pantone announces its color of the year!  For all of us design and color nerds, this news is always exciting.  As you may already know, the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year is Marsala.  I wanted to provide a little Marsala floral inspiration and wanted to find out what you think about it (click to view board on Pinterest).  Do you think Marsala will be a popular color for weddings, events and everyday florals?


2015 Pantone Color of the Year

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Wedding Flower Wall

I posted the picture of Kanye’s Mother’s Day gift to Kim early May on Facebook – a flower wall which looked to be perched in their yard somewhere.  Florists were saying that they were already receiving requests after that picture for flower wall type structures.  Fast forward to Kimye’s wedding later that month and it is now apparent that the “simple” Mother’s Day gift was foreshadowing what we would see for the wedding ceremony’s backdrop – a ginormous flower wall.  Made up of white peonies, roses and gardenias (although I think there is more to it) and very reminiscent of the 2012/2013 Dior fashion show, this flower wall picture has made social media history!  Like it or not, at 2.29 million likes and over 51.8 thousand comments – THE most liked picture on Instagram EVER – this picture is worth way more than a thousand words and I’m sure will influence many weddings to come!


How many brides have you had ask about flowers walls and structures?


Webinar: Price Sensitive Brides – An Action Plan


Wednesday, June 11th
3 ET / 2 CT / 1 MT / 12 PT

This exciting session will give you an action plan for winning over price sensitive brides. See a complete wedding designed LIVE demonstrating the latest wedding pricing trends. We’ll also show you how to make money with DIY brides and how some shops close 80% of their bridal consultations.

Hosts: Vonda LaFever AIFD, PFCI, CFD and Dan McManus, TeamFloral President

Click here to register for the FREE TeamFloral Special Clinic: Price Sensitive Brides – An Action Plan


June Wholesale Flower Product Showcase: Calculating Rose Petals

In this edition of the Mayesh Product Showcase, Lisa from the LA Flower Market will share a useful tips to help calculate how many bunches of roses you will need for wedding aisle petals. Using a general size of one square yard, we will demonstrate how to achieve heavy, medium, and light coverage.


To summarize, for a 3 foot by 3 foot area you will need:


  • 50 roses for HEAVY coverage
  • 25 roses for MEDIUM coverage
  • 12 roses for LIGHT coverage


But make sure you keep in mind the size and petal count of the roses you would like to use so that you may adjust your quantities as necessary.

Instagram: Rustic & Glamorous Wedding Flowers

We were recently tagged in some swoon-worthy wedding photos that I just had to share from Posey Pop Floral Designs and Chalk Art …

A heaven where gold, chevron, and pink mix perfectly together to create a rustic and glamorous setting!  Since rustic and glamour is such a big combination, we should come up with one word, like they do for celebrity couples.  How about “glamstic”, “rustour”, or “ramorous”??


Wedding & Event Trends: Reception Seating

It seemed that last year was the year of the ghost chair – don’t you think?  I still really enjoy the look of these chairs, but in terms of comfort they are so-so.  At the same time, it has been super trendy to create home dining spaces that include banquet type seating, which are inherently more comfortable, and that seems to be influencing weddings and events.  I stumbled across a picture of mixing couches with chairs.  I think it is very eclectic and fun – what are your thoughts?  Do you think this will become a new trend that we will see more and more of at wedding and event receptions?

CSES2013: Boosting Your Profitability

Profit – at the end of the day that is what running a business is all about.  If you aren’t making money doing what you love, then eventually you won’t be able to do it any more because money will run out.  This is always a timely subject matter, but as most of you are getting ready to close out your year and have been planning for 2014, this article will contain some ideas that we hope you can incorporate into your floral business plan.

At Catersource & EventSolutions (2013), Matt Alan of MMD Events gave a run down of how to boost your profitability.  Here are some highlights from his session:

  • How do you instinctively read your client before anything is said or done? You can’t, but by marketing and defining your ideal client then you have a much better idea.  Strive to pinpoint where you are profitable and target those specific customers.
  • Good blogs/websites/books/etc. on marketing, being profitable, etc.:
  • Market to clients and tell them what you do.
  • What your clients want to buy is largely shaped by what you are selling, which is done by marketing.
  • Are you managing your clients expectations?
    • Tell them what you do, what their average client spends, and how the first and rest of client meetings will go.
  • Do your clients trust you?…
    • Often times, this is their first time doing this so be sure to take the time to explain the whole process and be sure to get the hard conversations out of the way.
    • Your clients deserve transparency.  Provide that by answering their big questions: what’s this worth, will my guests notice, what is the bottom line?
  • Educate your clients to your advantage
    • It seems like you are reading their minds
    • Educate why they need to achieve their desired look …
  • Sometimes the clients don’t follow your advice, but they will remember that and tell referrals to follow your advice.
  • Most clients will book based on price:
    • You need to connect with your clients emotions and they need to like you.
    • If you prequalify then price isn’t the issue.
    • If you focus connecting emotionally, then your business will grow exponentially.
    • Know what you are good at and figure out what your niche is.
  • Be sure you know how to diversify and stay relevant because the world is ever changing:
    • Remaining educated about your business and different fields within your industry.  One way of doing this is attending industry shows, like Catersource/Event Solutions.
    • For example, knowing how videography style has changed.  You don’t want an old style video on your website because then you look outdated to potential clients.  The same goes for photography.
      • Photographers really embrace this model as they have to change their photo style and move on to the next one as well as upgrading equipment and software.
    • Change should be a part of your biz model
    • Watching for the new trend so they can build a profitable business based on that trend.  Answering the question “What is going to sell today and tomorrow?”
  • You need partners:
    • You can’t be profitable if you buy everything yourself.  MMD knew when starting their company that they didn’t want to get into chiavari chairs, linens, and charges because there was so much of that inventory available all ready.
    • MMD decided to partner up with other like minded companies to increase options in their market.
  • You need to make a profit and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Your client doesn’t need to reap the benefit of the hundreds of transactions that you do with your vendors.
    • When you pass on professional discounts, you are loosing money.


Tools for Profitability

  • Photo shoots are great to figure out if your clients like it …
    • Make sure people want it before investing in it.
  • 3D rendering program: employing a CAD artist is expensive.  For MMD it was a waste of profits and found that training internally worked best for their business.
  • Before investing in expensive technology make sure it will really works for your business.  For example, an inventory managing system with bar codes sounds great, but how do you bar code clear glass?
  • Better client management – don’t’’ forget that clients are buying you.
  • Stay nimble and agile so that you can deal with inevitable changes.
  • There is no profit in owning everything.
  • Keep the money you earn.
  • Consider new tech and products carefully:
    • E.g. Go to your tent company and say i have sold this type of tent ten times this year, will you buy it?
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