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Mayesh Design Star Contest Vote: Top 10 Videos


Mayesh Design Star - Vote Now

Wow! We had 17 brave souls enter our 2016 Mayesh Design Star Contest!  Thank you to all of you who put yourselves out there and entered.  I know it isn’t easy to get in front of the camera and I really appreciate all of your time and effort!

It is now time to reveal the top 10 videos (not listed in any particular order), and let the public vote to help us decided our top 5!  You have until Friday, September 11th (11:45 PM EST) to vote for who you would like to see as a Mayesh Design Star.  Once we get the votes in, our internal Mayesh team will review the top 5 and decide who will be our next TWO Mayesh Design Stars!! The winners will be revealed no later than September 16th!

1. Shawn Michael Foley

2. Sussanna Davidson

3. Amanda Johnson

4. Annie Chen

5. Kenneth Snauwaert Aifd

6. Annie Flores

7. Jerome Raska

8. Ken Senter AIFD

9. Adrianna Duran-Leon Aifd

10. Bill Hamilton

Mayesh Design Star Contest featuring Bill Hamilton Designs from Shane Tincu on Vimeo.

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