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AIFD Symposium 2015: Behind the Scenes with Ron Mulray AIFD

Ron Mulray AIFD


So AIFD Symposium may have been two months ago, but we have a couple final things to share with you! Gotta keep the fun going, right?

One of our favorite things at these shows is to catch up with people we’ve chatted with or blogged about in the past. This year, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Ron Mulray AIFD, who Yvonne just happened to interview a few years back at AIFD’s National Symposium in 2012! Check out that interview here. This year, he did another luncheon, entitled “Petaling into the Future.” Ron used upcycled bicycle parts and tropical flowers to create these unique and whimsical centerpieces and décor for the luncheon.

In this video, Ron gives us a behind the scenes look at what he did and how he created these awesome pieces!

DISCLAIMER: I am a newbie when it comes to video, and did not realize you must film horizontally to get the full screen. So, my apologies for the thin video… ya live, ya learn, right?


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