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Flower 411: Adding Life to Your Wholesale Flowers

Flower 411: Adding Life to Your Flowers
In this edition of Flower 411 (previously called Product Showcase videos), Jerome Raska shows how to add a longer life to your wholesale cut flowers. He also shines some light on the importance of using unique and unusual product in your designs.

Flower 411: Tulips, Dahlias, Berries, Smilax & More

Flower 411


Here’s the latest information from our Mayesh purchasing team! Enjoy!


Local aggies – only available in blue from one vendor

Allium Giant – Finished

Anemone – VERY LIMITED!!!

Artichoke burgundy – small and large off crop for a few weeks

Astilbe – available from Portland

Blackberries – available from Portland

Buddlea – crop is quarantined for now

Cornflower – Limited, no Pink

Cranberry Viburnum- available from Oregon

Crocosmia – available from Portland

Dahlias are starting in Oregon and after this weekend – they should be in full production (100 degree weekend). Also readily available from California

Hybrid Delph – white limited, light blue extremely limited

Eremurus – Finished

French Tulips – limited and pricey

Gardenia Foliage – still limited

Gunni euc – still limited, getting small amounts

Hydrangea local – coming on hot pink, purple, blue

Iris – White and Light Blue extremely limited

Ixia – Finished

White kale locally – it’s getting too hot so they are staying green

LLV – quality issues from Canadian source.price going back up, from local WENU and Dutch

Lysmachia – available from Portland

Moc Orange –  finished

Peonies – Starting in Alaska

Protea –  still south Africa only

Ranunculus Local is pretty much done except locally, import is just starting-very very limited

Smilax – production starting to ramp back up, still limited

Southern smilax – just starting

Local Spray Roses – EXTREMELY LIMITED!!!

Tulips – Limited to basic colors. White, purple, red, yellow,orange and hot pink. Light pink is very limited.

Tulips Double – extremely limited the only colors I have see infrequently are Upstar (blush), Montreaux (cream/pale yellow) and orange princess (orange)

Tulips Frilled – extremely limited the only colors I have seen infrequently are Honeymoon (white)- may be able to get 100 to 200 stems a week if lucky.

Tulips Parrots – extremely limited the only colors I have seen infrequently are flaming, bright (red with yellow tip), Rebel white and Libretto.

Viburnum berry – blue is finished

Flirty Fleurs Workshop: Contemporary Tulip Design

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Workshop


A few weeks ago, I was delighted to receive an email from Alicia of Flirty Fleurs, telling me about her upcoming tulip workshop that would be perfect for beginners. Well Alicia, you had me at tulips…and beginners. The next day, I was signed up and anxiously awaiting my second Flirty Fleurs workshop! Thursday finally rolled around, and I gathered up my tools, braved rush-hour traffic (I thought I was leaving traffic behind when I left LA…ha!) and made my way down to Georgetown to join three other ladies for the class. Some of you probably know, but tulips in Seattle are a big deal. BIG. The Skagit Valley is known for it’s tulip fields, and hundreds of people, tourists and locals alike, flock to the fields starting in April to get a look at these beauties. But I digress. I think my point is – I was very excited to get my hands on some PNW tulips and learn how to work with one of my favorite flowers!


Back to business. Upon arriving, I glanced at the buckets and was able to tell which swas mine in an instant. Alicia had thoughtfully asked each of us in advance what our favorite color tulips were, and she hit the nail on the head with mine: lush, buttery pinky orange (we deemed them “sherbet tulips”) and creamy white ones with green edges. I was in heaven. Like before, Alicia started out the class by creating a sample arrangement, step-by-step, so we could see how she worked and give us an idea of what it should kinda-sorta-just maybe look like. And again, like before, maybe a half hour went by and viola! She had a perfect little arrangement, just sitting there, daring me to try. And try I did… a few minutes later I had my sleeves rolled up and was diligently cleaning the aspidistra. Because this was a contemporary class, we focused on minimal varieties, keeping colors grouped together, and using aspidistra to separate and “boost” the tulips. After cleaning, folding, and securing the aspidistra (with staples! genius), I moved on to the tulips. I stripped the large leaves near the bottom, put a little slit near the head to slow the growing, and cleaned up the stems with a borrowed knife (guess it’s time to get my own!). After the cleaning and prepping came the fun part – arranging time! First I wrapped two of the leaves around the inside of the vase to create almost a shell that would cover the stems and keep things looking clean and minimal. Next came a few of the folded leaves to create a base, and then the tulips. I chose to cut my “sherbet” tulips shortest and use them as the next level, and kept the white tulips a bit longer to add height in the back. I filled in with a few more folded aspidistra to add volume, and cheated by putting a bit of Pittosporum in the very back to keep things from falling over. I love learning all of these little tricks that I never noticed in arrangements before! I’m catching on, guys. Last came a touch of bright green vibernum and a little burlap around the vase for a softer, more feminine look, and then, it was my turn to say “Viola!”


#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Workshop


I took a step back, breathed (for the first time in about an hour) and took a minute to assess my work. And you know what? I liked it. I was proud to call it my second “official” arrangement, and couldn’t have done it without the guiding hands and encouraging words of Alicia. While “contemporary” may not be my style of choice, I am trying my best to experiment with all styles and just throw myself into learning every technique I can. Because of the pretty, pastel tulips used in my arrangement, it had more of a “country” feel rather than being too contemporary, which was a good happy medium and allowed me to learn new techniques while still staying true to myself. All in all, second workshop…success!

#alitheflorist Flirty Fleurs Workshop

The Mayesh Minute: American Grown Tulips

American Grown Tulips


In today’s Mayesh Minute, David shows off our American grown tulips.



Here are some close-up pictures that I took for your viewing pleasure:


American Grown Tulips American Grown Tulips American Grown Tulips American Grown Tulips American Grown Tulips

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