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TSE2013: Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2013 TM

Believe it or not, I’m almost done blogging all about The Special Event 2013 that took place earlier this year!  We’ve been busy bees and still have to cover all the greatness found at Catersource and now the AIFD Symposium – so be sure to stay tuned!!  This round, I wanted to review a few of my favorite things that I saw during Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List show!  And what a show it was!

For non-floral related, this is hands down my favorite part of The Special Event.  Like last year, we created a Pinterest board, containing the companies featured, but here are a few to get you started:

Paint Your Event – Live Event Painter Heidi Schwartz paints your event as it is happening. This is a totally unique way to capture the event. Not only is it entertaining for guests attending, you also get to have a cool piece of art that will always remind you of a great event.

Express Kafeh – If you are a coffee lover like I am, you will love this! This premier espresso bar can brand delicious coffee drinks at your corporate event or wedding. You can get your logo or emblem printed on an edible and drinkable paper material that rests right on top of the foam!

DanCakes – These are the fist artistic pancakes and are a great alternative dessert. I have noticed a trend in having breakfast sweets as a dessert bar at weddings instead of a traditional wedding cake. Not only is this on trend, it’s also highly entertaining.

While on the subject of desserts, JARS by Dani are layered desserts that come in cute mason jars and who doesn’t love a good mason jar? You can order custom colors to match your event or order the traditional fudge brownie. These are the perfect sweet for a shower or small party you can even give them away as party favors.

3D Pop Up Cards – These are so beautiful! They are a little more expensive but make such a huge impression. These invites literally pop off the page and are little pieces of art your guests will surely keep for years to come.

I am always a sucker for a good dance performance! Bollywood Rise is an Indian and Western fusion dance group with beautiful Bollywood costumes and eccentric dancing that will amaze your guests.

Every year at TSE I look forward to Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List program. Loud music, high-energy performances and yummy (looking) food are all a part of what makes this the most fun program, even at 9am. With so many awesome things being highlighted I have narrowed down the list to my personal faves.

Every year at TSE I look forward to Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List program. Loud music, high-energy performances and yummy (looking) food are all a part of what makes this the most fun program, even at 9am. With so many awesome things being highlighted I have narrowed down the list to my personal faves.

I have been seeing skin jewelry everywhere I go and I LOVE it! Black Lace SkinJewelry has beautiful collection of black, white and metallic skin jewelry. This has the same effect as a temporary tattoo but in elegant designs fit for weddings. I have also seen stations with skin jewelry at events too! Very cool.

And last but definitely not least POTTYMINTS. That’s right, potty mints. These dissolvable air freshener tablets leave behind a perfume-like fragrance for those times when ya just gotta go.

Check out our TSE 2015: Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List Pinterest board for these items and the rest of the cool things happening in events.


TSE2013: JRM Chemical & DecoBeads

At The Special Event 2013 we met up with Dave from JRM Chemical to discuss his company’s trendy floral accessories – DecoBeads, DecoCubes, DecoBalls, and SnowReal.  Here’s the video:



Have you used these before?  Share your design tips in the comments below!

The following local Mayesh branches carry floral supplies: Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Chandler, and Riverside.

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals

If you are an event professional in 2013 then you should be familiar with apps and you should be utilizing them to help step-up your game and sometimes to make your life easier!  No matter which end of the tech spectrum you are on, below are some apps that you should look into as suggested by the Julie Lyford of Fabulous Functions, Alice-Lynne Olson, a floral artist, and Elizabeth Hinke of Mintahoe Catering & Events from the Apps for Event Profs session at The Special Event 2013.

After you review these apps, I’m sure you have your own faves and I would love to hear about them in the comments below!  Happy app-ing!


PhotoToaster – photo editing software

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Sunrise Sunset – know when the lighting is best for events or photos

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


EasyRelease – track all of the people that you need a photo release from

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Floral Fan Deck and Flowerwheel – I know, I know … we need to work on our Flower Library and make an app.  I promise, we know and we will be doing so soon.  But, if you need a flower app on your phone now, here are a couple to choose from:

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Colorchooser – gives you Pantone colors based on your pictures

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Carpenter – has a level and ruler feature

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Point & Measure – there’s a video to explain how it works and is usueful for clients that want something tall.

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Pandora – a great way to help set the mood, especially for a photo session

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


The Food Guide – your culinary advisor

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


PhotoSynth – to make panoramic pictures

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


DropBox – this is another app that is highly used by Mayesh’s Marketing Team.  I don’t know what we would do without it as it allows us to easily upload/share/download large amount of files – like pictures and video after attending The Special Event.

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Facebook – one of my personal favorite apps.  Use this to find out more about your clients, but stay away from “friend-ing” them unless you guys really do become friends.  Also, have you tried out Facebook’s Graph Search?

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Check In Easy – use mobile devices to check-in guests fast & easy

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


PDF – sign, stamp, and annotate documents

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Pinterest – event ideas and a great way to check on clients to find out what they like

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Super Planner – this app provides a variety of planning tools, including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection and dance floor, etc.

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Pro Party Planner – is similar to Super Planner, but you can share and sync

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Intronex – hosted online, detailed spreadsheet, and contact relationship menu

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Hours Tracker – keep track of the time you are spending on your events

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals – is like Pinterest

TSE2013: Apps for Event Professionals


Pantone – has a few apps for different devices and uses:


Social Tables – a layout app

TSE2013: Destination Weddings & Events

Destination weddings and events are hot, hot, hot!  Did you know that 24% of all weddings are destination weddings?  Mayesh Wholesale Florist participates in many destination events throughout the year, so much so that we have a program called, Mayesh Destination Events.  Be sure to check it out if you are or will be involved with such events, we would love to be your floral partner!



At The Special Event earlier this year in Chicago, I sat in a session all about destination wedding trends given by Jo Anne V. Brown of a Celebrations, a destination management company.  Here are some highlights from the program . . .


Top Locations for all types of events:


The Caribbean is ranked the number one destination wedding location.


Common misconceptions:

  • You are often planning destination weddings probably more than you think
  • Your mind set has to be slightly different from planning a local wedding and your clients are paying for your expertise
  • Do your research to find local vendors to save money as this is much cheaper than flying in talent
  • Destination clients typically spend more money per guest but you need to get more bang for the buck

If you want to break into the destination market, then create a location wish list and work on becoming the expert in those areas.

Destination weddings and events really focus on all of the details – big & small – to make the whole trip an experience for your clients and their guests.  Details that you may want to think about:

  • find out the couples favorite drink and have it waiting for them upon arrival
  • shuttle service
  • babysitting
  • scheduled adventures – cooking classes, salsa dancing, tours
  • Use interesting and elegant furniture that enhances the event’s look
  • No banquet style receptions – think signature cocktails & appetizers, unique soda pops, stations, pre-ceremony cocktails, guacologists, mixologists, retro cocktails, breakfast foods in the evening, etc
  • be a trendsetter, don’t be afraid to stand out ,and don’t be afraid to push your clients to have their own unique wedding and to not just copy what they are seeing



Connect with Celebrations:


So now you may know a bit more about destination wedding and events.  If you aren’t already, will you be marketing your company to grab this piece of the pie?

TSE2013: The Original Runner Co.

Wedding season has began, which means not only will you be working with lots of flowers, but you will also be thinking about aisle runners.  Well, while at The Special Event 2013, Julie Goldman of The Original Runner Co.  talks to us about their no-slip fabric aisle runners that come in over 30 colors and prints (see video below).  They also can customize the runners.  They are totally awesome and you need to check ‘em out!  A great addition for your wedding clients!



TSE 2013: The Emerging Gay & Lesbian Wedding Industry

Guest Blogger: Sabrina Mesa

Marriage is a big deal to many people, and the day is different for every couple. Whether you are for or against gay marriage, we cannot deny that same sex marriage is big business. By the end of this year, Minnesota will join Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Washington, Rhode Island and Delaware in legalizing same sex marriages. What does that mean for florists in those states or florists who do destination events? It means that the wedding game has changed and assumptions need to be thrown out the window.



Bernadette Smith from 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute held a session at The Special Event 2013. She is the nation’s leading gay wedding expert. One of the most impressive facts that Bernadette displayed during her session was that “in June 2006 Forbes estimated that gay marriages can potentially boost the overall wedding industry by $9.5 billion per year.”

If that does not make you say, “Wow. Really?!” not sure what will. That is big money and with states being added to the list, that number could only be rising. This means that the days of “Who is the groom?”, “What will be bride be wearing?” are going by the wayside at least in the states where same-sex marriages will soon the norm. I personally had never heard the term heterosexist. The term according to refers to;

“Actions, attitudes and institutions that reflect the assumption that all people are heterosexual. Often functions through omission and language. For instance, forms that use “husband” and “wife” instead of “spouse”or “partner” – or the common exclamation about a charming young child, “Oh, she is going to break some boy’s heart!”

Bernadette gives very simple ways to avoid being inadvertently heterosexist when filling out the necessary information for wedding contracts. Instead of the traditional Bride and Groom info planners/coordinators/florist could use the clients names. For contracts and forms Bernadette suggest using the following options

· Client Name, Client Name

· Client A, Client B

· Partner A, Partner B

· Bride/Groom, Bride/Groom

· Name, Name

These options will allow for all of the information to stay separated accordingly but does not alienate couples due to gender preference.



The Top Ten Mistakes Made by Wedding Vendors

10. Make Assumptions about genders and terms used to describe the wedding party: assuming there is a wedding party.

· Many same-sex weddings do not include attendants in their ceremony.

9. Make assumptions about gay couples based on perceived gender roles (ie that more feminine man may want to dress in drag)

· Not all straight brides dress in white billowing wedding gowns right? The same assumptions happen in same-sex weddings. There are no rules to what a man or woman can wear. Ask about the attire and use that to help navigate the rest of the conversation.

8. Be easily put off by subcultures of the gay community like leather bears, butch/femme etc.- or by the idea that a gay groom may want to carry a bouquet, for example.

7. Ask inappropriate and overly sexual questions.

· You are a professional. Act like one.

6. Be absurdly gay-positive and overeager to the other extreme (ie “I went to college with a lot of gay people,” or “ I love Ellen!”). No rainbows on your website. Gay clients hate being tokenized.

5. Use highly traditional heterosexual wedding photos and the terms bride and groom and husband and wife in your contract, marketing materials and conversations.

4. Inflexibility about adapting to gay wedding traditions or making reference that the “wedding” may not be valid (ie that’s not what happens at a real wedding.)

· Same-sex weddings are not traditionally very cookie cutter.

3. Hiring staff and referring couples to vendors and venues without verifying first their commitment to LGBT-inclusivity.

· Recently a florist in Washington is being sued for refusing to design a wedding for a long time customer because he was marrying his longtime partner.

2. Assume that the couple has the support of their family. Or assume that the couple does not have the support of their family.

And the top mistake made by wedding vendors…

1. Assuming, rather than, asking. A gay wedding will not be a typical wedding and you will need to think outside the traditional box.

These mistakes can be avoided by informing yourself more and letting go of stereotypes that just are not true. Bernadette and her company have many resources for vendors who wish to begin the evolution. If you would like more info, please check out this great resource page. You can also follow Bernadette on her twitter page.


The Special Event 2013: Latest Trends in Hollywood

Blogger: Sabrina Mesa

In January, we attended The Special Event in Chicago, IL. We attended sessions and spoke to people who visited our green and white booth.

Because you cannot always make every show so, we try to bring the show to you throughout the year. Here is a recap of a session I attended.

Hollywood or Bust

There’s no business like show business and if there is anything to know, Hillary Harris knows. How does she know? She is the Executive director for Warner Brothers’ Special Events division. As head of her division, she and her team have won numerous industry awards.

I attended a session presented by Hillary during The Special Event called “Latest Trends in Hollywood.” She presented trends to be on the lookout for this year in events and weddings.



According to Hillary 2013 is the year of the smoke. Whether it is meats, cheeses or even water and olives, smoke is in and it does not have to be obvious.

Modern Mexican food in on the rise and one unique element is new profession called a Guacologist. What is that exactly? It is a person who specializes in mixing avocado with a variety of ingredients to create a unique guacamole experience. Talk about taking a simple appetizer to a completely new level.

Teacarts are all the rage due to popularity of shows such as Downton Abbey and the expected large premiere of movies like The Great Gatsby.



The color of the year may be Emerald green but the trend for cocktails is Chartreuse. Adding Absinthe to cocktails gives the cocktails that great green hue.



The champagne coupe glass is in and the traditional flute is out. It is all about the vintage feel and look. A great champagne to fill a coupe with is a pink champagne which is also on the rise in popularity.





Themed events this year will be vintage and elegant. With the premiere of The Great Gatsby nearing elements of the movie will be appearing in weddings and events, such as the tea cart mentioned above.



The picture above is a shows coupe champagne glasses and a teacart used as a mini bar.

Fairytale chic will also be making an appearance on the wedding and event scene. One element mentioned is really easy to recreate; tea aged paper.



Fire is also a big trend this year. From simple candles to elaborate fire pits such as the ones below.



Fire adds ambient lighting as well as drama. During those spring and summer, events even tiki torches made of copper add elegance to an outdoor event.


The 3 Attributes of a Trendsetter



The Great and Powerful Oz came out this year and had perfect timing with Emerald being the color of the year, but before there was James Franco there was Judy Garland and her friends. Hillary gave great advice using 3 of the key characters of the original Wizard of Oz film.

She said to become a trendsetter you need to be the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man.

*Scarecrow: have a curious mind, because curiosity allows you to find inspiration

*Tin Man: be passionate about what you do and how you do it. It takes heart to follow your passion.

*The Lion: it takes courage to manifest your ideas. Big dreams and ideas are not always popular but if you courageously follow your dreams, you never know what trend others will go crazy over.

If you would like to read more about Hillary and the Hollywood events, she does throughout the year check out her blog here.

To see more Hollywood trends check out our Pinterest board.

TSE2013: The Knot

If you have ever been involved with a wedding – either business or personally – then you know about The Knot.  I had the pleasure of attending a few of the city mixer events, which were fun and a great opportunity to do some networking.  Also, I’ve been following The Knot blog for a bit, as they post some great articles to help businesses, like yours, in the wedding industry.  So when I saw The Knot’s booth at The Special Event in Chicago, we stopped by with our video camera.


TSE2013: Over the Top Rental Linens

At The Special Event 2013, we stopped by the Over the Top Linens booth.  Jennifer reviews some of their geometric print, which are hot and trendy this year, linens including: chevron, houndstooth, extra large chevron, and chains.  This was the exact reason why I was drawn to their booth – I’m crazy for chevron and the chain link patterns!


TSE2013: Champagne Creative Group

If you are in the event biz, then you should know about the Champagne Creative Group.  If you have ever seen the beautiful women walking around with giant dresses holding champagne flutes or “living” red carpets, then you know of the Champagne Creative Group!  At this year’s The Special Event, Rolando showcased his new LED costumes.  Check out the video here and be sure to check out his Facebook page that shows great pics of these costumes in a dark party atmosphere:



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