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Mayesh Floral Forum: 2016 Wedding & Event Trends

Floral Forum: Wedding & Event Trends


We hope you enjoyed our first Mayesh Floral Forum discussing floral knives vs. shears! With wedding season upon us, this week we thought we’d ask our designers what wedding & event trends they are seeing for the 2016 season. While the response overwhelmingly pointed towards the natural, garden-inspired look, each designer offered a slightly different & unique perspective, so I’m just going to go ahead and lay ’em all out here!


Floral Forum

Cynthia Sanchez

The brides that are coming to me are wanting more greenery and they want things to look lush and natural. I’ve been doing more ceremony backdrops as well. Instead of an arch or altar flowers we might make a flower or foliage backdrop instead. There are also more brides paying attention to details, like napkin treatments & small vignettes for the bar area, cake area, etc. These are all small and simple designs where we might have loose greens and flowers with just a few candles, or a small cluster of flowers, but either way, I find my clients wanting to see more details throughout.


Floral Forum

Shawn Michael Foley

We are seeing a lot of “rustic/shabby” phasing out and being replaced
with what I call “heirloom”

  • Antique/vintage items & furniture that have been restored or updated to a new glory, mixed with garden styled flowers
  • It’s cleaner, polished and has an overall more professional look to it.
  • Mercury glass is phasing more into muted metals & smoother finishes
  • Peonies, peonies, peonies!
  • Brides are showing more and more interest in accent flowers like fever few, herbs, ranunculus, raspberries and pieris japonica



Floral Forum Randi Eshelman

White & blush are still the top colors for our brides this year, but some of our brides are adding burgundy or deep pinks as pops of color. Gold & rose gold accents everywhere, whether it’s the dinnerware, candle holders, floral vessels or accents on the tables – we are definitely seeing warmer metallic colors.


Floral Forum

Carla Kays

Bohemian style florals with brighter, bolder color schemes!


Floral Forum

Jerome Raska

Loose, airy, just-picked look for bouquets and centerpieces, earthy organic and natural look is far ahead of all the others!


Floral Forum

Veronica Cicero

More and more brides are included to loose, un-manicured garden designs incorporating interesting and unexpected textures in the foliage. In our case, the mix-matched vintage is graciously transforming into a refined rustic.


Floral Forum

Rachael Lunghi

I think people are experimenting more and not shying away from bright/bold color palettes as much! Although I still get the blush/neutral palettes here and there, I have many more clients who want to use bright blooms.


Floral Forum

Jodi Duncan

I’ve noticed weddings that happen in election years are more understated with regards to color and sometimes the overall grandeur as well. Everything is subtle with a “wait and see” approach. Brides are playing down their dresses with texture and opting for plain, understated fabrics All the texture seems to be showing up in flowers and foliages, so that’s exciting to see! Brides love an abundance of details for favors, tables, and so on. Too many details look like a rummage sale, so I try to persuade them to edit.


So what do you think? Do you agree with our designers, or are you seeing some different trends? Join the conversation and let us know!

The Designers of the Mayesh Floral Forum

Floral Forum


We’re so excited to introduce a fun new blog series, and it involves you! We are always getting asked different questions about all things floral, and while we can answer them, we thought that the answers you’re really looking for would come from your peers. We’ve put together an “expert panel,” if you will, which we are calling the “The Mayesh Floral Forum.” When we see a question that seems to be trending, the Floral Forum will weigh in and share their advice and opinions on the matter.

Our hope for this series is that these posts turn into a space where you can learn from fellow designers, share your own thoughts & opinions, and ask the burning questions. Whether you’re a budding florist or an industry veteran, we encourage everyone to get involved!

Our eclectic group of Mayesh Floral Forum designers includes past & current Mayesh Design Stars, and some fabulous ladies from all over (who you might recognize from our Instagram takeovers). And without further ado, let me introduce them!



Floral Forum


Veronica Cicero
Anthology Co. // @anthologyco – Miami, FL


From an early age, it was clear that Veronica’s path would be in some sort of creative field. Shortly after graduating from art school in New York, Veronica started decorating parties for friends & visiting the flower market, and that was it! She has now moved her talents down south to Miami, where she has combined both floral design & event styling. Veronica describes her design style as playful, unexpected, and textural. To learn more about Veronica, check out the interview we did with her here! (Photo by @giannycampos)


Floral Forum


Carla Kayes
Carla Kayes Floral Design // @carlakayes – Southern California


From graphic design to owning a wholesale dried flower company, to starting her own floral design studio eight years ago, Carla has been in the creative field for as long as she can remember. Carla’s designs are natural, organic and lush, inspired by the flower garden she grew up tending to with her mom. More on Carla here! (Photo by @jenna_photo)


Floral Forum


Shawn Michael Foley
Hothouse Design Studio // @andtherealshawn – Birmingham, AL


Shawn, one of our current Design Stars, has a passion for creative expression, and is best known for his “Human Form Project,” an annually themed floral art/fashion series showcasing a fusion of beauty, blooms, and body. Shawn is dedicated to floral education, making him the perfect fit for the Mayesh Floral Forum. Check out our previous interview with him here! (Photo by Matt Mathews Photography)


Floral Forum


Randi Eshelman
Carte Blanche Design // @carteblanchedesign – Arizona


Four years ago, Randi left her corporate job in Commercial Real Estate to explore her love of floral design & the wedding industry. After doing a little freelancing on the side to get her feet wet, she took the plunge and started her own company, Carte Blanche Design. She is inspired by soft, organic and artistic floral design, and is so happy with her decision to take a risk and follow her passion! Read more about Randi & her journey as a designer here. (Photo by @danielkimphoto)


Floral Forum


Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF
Houston, TX


Beth started her career in the industry over twenty years ago. Her floral journey has allowed her to travel internationally as a product development designer as well as become one of the newest floral and event specialists on the Mayesh team. As a past Design Star you may recognize her from the Mayesh Youtube channel that is full of tutorials and products showcases. She has a passion for flowers and design and has created draw dropping displays that call upon her sculptural background as a 3D artist. Here is our interview back in 2014 when she became our Design Star!


Floral Forum


Rachael Lunghi
Siren Floral Co. // @sirenfloralco – Southern California


Rachael is your go-to girl for all things bohemian & free-spirited. She first started out with a design/styling/coordination business, Lace and Likes, but when clients kept asking her to help with their flowers, she decided to give it a try! After slowly educating herself and lots of practice, she eventually fell in love with flowers, and Siren Floral Co. was born. Learn more about Rachael on our blog! (Photo by @keithasavage)


Floral Forum

Cynthia Sanchez
The Blooming Bud // @thebloomingbud – Southern California


Cynthia has been doing floral design off and on for twelve years. After working in a flower shop in high school, she decided to study Interior Design, and worked in that field for a couple years. She was soon reminded of her love of working with her hands, and more specifically, flowers, and decided to quit her job at a top commercial design firm in Orange County, CA to pursue her dreams and start The Blooming Bud! She describes her style as ‘whimsically balanced’ – isn’t that the greatest description?! Want to know more? Check out her interview here! (Photo by @coriklecknerphotography)


Floral Forum


Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CAFA, CF
Blumz by JR Designs // @blumzbyjrdesigns – Detroit, MI


Jerome, our other current Mayesh Design Star, has been in the floral industry for over twenty five years, starting out in the fashion industry as a visual merchandiser and fashion coordinator. He worked at a farmer’s market in the summer months selling garden flowers and creating bouquets, and eventually did some small weddings. When he was given the opportunity to buy a small floral shop, Jerome jumped at the opportunity, and the rest is history! More on Jerome here.


Floral Forum


Jodi Duncan AIFD
Jodi Duncan Designs // @jodiduncan – Norris City, Illinois


Jodi, former Mayesh Design Star, is a full-service florist in her hometown of Norris City, Illinois, providing floral design and wedding planning services as well as rentals. She has been a long-time fan of TED Talks, and when she recently had the opportunity to apply to be a speaker at a local TEDx event, she jumped at the opportunity to share her passion for flowers with her community. Check out our follow-up interview to her experience as a TED speaker!


Floral Forum

Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI
Hothouse Design Studio // @hothousedesignstudio – Birmingham, AL


Mandy (yet another former Design Star!) has been surrounded by flowers for as long as she remember, as she grew up in her Grandmother’s flower shop. With a background in Interior Design and floristry in her blood, Mandy started Hothouse Design Studios in Birmingham, AL, where she also acts as a Wedding & Corporate Specialist. Here’s a little throwback interview we did when she became our Design Star back in 2011! (Photo by Matt Mathews Photography)


Now that you’ve gotten to know our designers, stay tuned for our first official “Mayesh Floral Forum,” with questions coming from you!

TSE2015: The Wedding Gallery

TSE 2015 Wedding Gallery


If you have ever been to The Special Event, you know that the Wedding Gallery is one of the main attractions. Talented event designers put together a themed event space and I am always blown away at the transformations that take place in these little rooms at the convention hall. This year TSE was in Anaheim so there is lots of So-Cal influence in these designs.

A So-Cal Company Christmas

Team Leader: Connie Slykas

Team: Big4 Party Rentals

Being a born and raised So-Cal girl, I was really diggin’ this one. We don’t get much of a winter here so it was only appropriate to have a beachy vibe with the pier-like walk way and the walls made of pallets. I liked the detail of all our famous beaches and cities written on the pallets and the light up snowman and of course you have to throw a hammock in there! It is all very reminiscent of something you see walking in a beach neighborhood during Christmas.


An Eclectic Rendezvous In Southern California

Team Leader: Kamran Hussain, Kamran Hussain Designs

This design was split up in two. The fist half was a very chic white and gold set up using all gold containers and only white flowers and a whole lot of bling!

The second set up was quite the opposite of the first. It was jam packed with color and had more of a Moroccan feel. Bold accent pieces of mix patterned pillows and pops of solid color everywhere it was a feast for the eyes.


California Experience

Team Leader: Jorge Lopez, J&M Events

The California Experience room had a Los Angeles theme. Although the décor was very simple, the showpiece was the DJ booth. Flashing images of all things LA like the LAX sign, high rises in Downtown, beach scenes and of course a time lapse of traffic.


The Eco-Friendly Wedding

Team Leader: Cindy Lieber, OC Brides

This eco friendly design felt like living inside a fairytale. Seating areas made of moss and lush green plant life in every corner gave it a whimsical feel. The tablescapes also carried on the same woodsy and earthy look with simple floral designs that looked as though the plants were growing out of the container. LED trees gave it a modern twist and added eye catching lighting around the room.


The Merge Event

Team Leader: Brenda Lee Monteiro & Eleanor Yang,

Fiore Dorato International Pte Ltd

The Merge Event was all about high fashion. Each pillar in the room highlighted intricate headpieces, fierce high heels and stunning handbags. Every piece was backed by a beautiful floral design made of mostly orchids that was displayed on the wall.


TSE2015: Michael Cerbelli’s Hotlist

TSE 2015


Every year at TSE I look forward to Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List program. Loud music, high-energy performances and yummy (looking) food are all a part of what makes this the most fun program, even at 9am. With so many awesome things being highlighted I have narrowed down the list to my personal faves.


TSE 2015 Michael Cerbelli's Hotlist

#davishouselegacyball AFTER! #paintyourevent #nimby (with painting winners)

A photo posted by Heidi Schwartz (@paintyourevent)


Paint Your Event – Live Event Painter Heidi Schwartz paints your event as it is happening. This is a totally unique way to capture the event. Not only is it entertaining for guests attending, you also get to have a cool piece of art that will always remind you of a great event.

Express Kafeh – If you are a coffee lover like I am, you will love this! This premier espresso bar can brand delicious coffee drinks at your corporate event or wedding. You can get your logo or emblem printed on an edible and drinkable paper material that rests right on top of the foam!

DanCakes – These are the fist artistic pancakes and are a great alternative dessert. I have noticed a trend in having breakfast sweets as a dessert bar at weddings instead of a traditional wedding cake. Not only is this on trend, it’s also highly entertaining.

While on the subject of desserts, JARS by Dani are layered desserts that come in cute mason jars and who doesn’t love a good mason jar? You can order custom colors to match your event or order the traditional fudge brownie. These are the perfect sweet for a shower or small party you can even give them away as party favors.

3D Pop Up Cards – These are so beautiful! They are a little more expensive but make such a huge impression. These invites literally pop off the page and are little pieces of art your guests will surely keep for years to come.

I am always a sucker for a good dance performance! Bollywood Rise is an Indian and Western fusion dance group with beautiful Bollywood costumes and eccentric dancing that will amaze your guests.



TSE 2015 Michael Cerbelli's Hotlist

May your #holidays glitter with unforgettable moments. #fashion #metallic #temptats #bling #silver #fashionista #holidays #NYE14 #skinjewelry #trendy #stylish #blacklaceskin

A photo posted by Black Lace Skin Jewelry (@blacklaceskin)


I have been seeing skin jewelry everywhere I go and I LOVE it! Black Lace SkinJewelry has beautiful collection of black, white and metallic skin jewelry. This has the same effect as a temporary tattoo but in elegant designs fit for weddings. I have also seen stations with skin jewelry at events too! Very cool.

And last but definitely not least POTTYMINTS. That’s right, potty mints. These dissolvable air freshener tablets leave behind a perfume-like fragrance for those times when ya just gotta go.

Check out our TSE 2015: Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List Pinterest board for these items and the rest of the cool things happening in events.


TSE 2015 Michael Cerbelli's Hotlist

Trends In Event Design with David Merrell of Design Dawgs


The first session I attended at The Special Event 2015 was “Trends in Event Design” with David Merrell of Design Dawgs. This company specializes in high end, very chic and very hip events. Their events are heavily influenced by pop culture and all things trendy, one particular thing they thing they look to for inspiration is fashion. Pulling elements from what’s walking down the runway at fashion week and adding them to their design is part of what makes this company so successful. We get inspired by fashion in every form of design whither it be interior design, event design, graphic design, even food. David highlighted what he sees trending and what inspires his design.

Shabby Chic – This is when you take something old and add something new. We all have that old pair of jeans that we love and just can’t part with. Adding a new pair of shoes can really spruce them up and add a new, fresh, hip look they had been lacking before. Same goes with event design, adding a modern pattern or a few modern accents to a vintage style really changes the vibe and look of your design.

Metallics – Recently there has been a surge of metallic furniture in events. Grand gold and silver seating adds a lux feel to any space. Using metallic is great because they lend themselves to any color and really makes it pop. We have even seen this walking down the runways. Metallic purses and shoes add flare to any outfit.

Black & White – The classic color combination. Black and white will never go out of style but is always being reinvented! We have been seeing black and white used in bold patterns and mixed shapes in both linens and furniture even in flooring. A black and white event with pops of color is very modern and ultra sleek.

Mixed Patterns – In the past, mixing patterns was a big no-no! Now its highly embraced by the fashion and event industry. By mixing patterns you are able to bring in a lot of color and excitement without being too overwhelming. Bold patterns and geometric shaped are very in right now.

Gingham – I cannot think of a more adorable textile. We are always looking for something to add a little edge both in fashion and design. I think that gingham does the exact opposite. It adds an element of sweetness and innocence. We are so used to seeing it in the classic blue or red but now it is being used in so many colors, the options are endless!  Never the less, it is a classic pattern that will never go out of style.

Statement Pieces in Event Design – A big thing in event design is just that, big. Large statement pieces in the room make for good focal points. They could be anything – a giant mirror, a large lamp or even an over sized couch, Anything that can stand alone and crate impact.

Bring the outdoors, indoors – This is especially popular if you live in an area what doesn’t have great weather. Who needs it? You can create an entire garden setting indoors! AFR offers an amazing collection of grass seating that is surprisingly really comfortable and looks incredibly real! We have also seen flowers walls popping up everywhere thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I love flower walls because the options are endless with what type of flowers, greens and other elements you can bring into the design.

Floral Trends – Along with flower walls, floral chandeliers are being seen more and more and all I can say is WOW! If you are looking for a show stopping pieces one of these chandeliers is the answer to all our prayers. I’ll let the picture speak for themselves (see Pinterest board below).

Food Trends – Events are the best places to eat some of the best food, am I right? Everyone loves comfort food and in the past wasn’t considered event appropriate but chefs have been adding high-end ingredients and turning our favorite comfort foods into a luxurious dining experience. By adding a nice bleu cheese or maybe a fine Gruyere in your Mac & Cheese, you have automatically bumped it up a notch and took it to a new dimension.

For the past few years bacon has been wildly popular in the food industry and is still just as popular as ever! The options are endless when it comes to bacon because its flavor lends itself to so many categories of food. Bacon signature drinks and sweets are always a hot item on the menu.

If heavy home-style meals aren’t your bag, there are always the small plates! This is the best way to give your guests a variety of good food and good flavors. They are the perfect food choice for cocktail parties or intimate get-togethers. Your guests won’t leave stuffed but they will leave satisfied.

Drinks! – Arguably the most important thing to be served at any wedding or event and thanks to Bethenny Frankel we can enjoy our cocktails with just a little less guilt. That’s right! I’m talking about skinny drinks. In the health conscious world we live in, skinny drinks offer your guests the same amount of fun with less calories.

It’s no secret that craft beer is probably the trendiest thing happening in the beverage industry with micro breweries popping up left and right, so it’s no surprise that it has carried over into the event industry. Having a variety of craft beer available to your guests is just as exciting as a menu of mixed signature drinks or a refined wine list. Often times they have a higher alcohol content than regular beer so you are also getting more bang for your buck.

To get a visual of the trends in event design, click to view my Pinterest board!  So now let me here what your favorite trend is or what you are seeing in your neck of the woods in the comments below.


David Merrell Trends in Event Design

Floral, Event & Wedding Trend Alert: Orange


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Orange who.
Orange you glad to see me?

had to start with a knock-knock joke because of two reasons.  One, for some reason orange reminds me of that joke and two, my daughter is OBSESSED with knock-knock jokes (she is turning 5 next month)!  On with the point of this post … I want to talk trends again!  And that trend would be orange.

Radiant Orchid is the Pantone color of the year, but the citrusy color, Celosia Orange is taking a stand this year!  Get your dose of vitamin c by incorporating this bright juicy color in your floral designs!  You will see this color pop up in make-up, clothes, accessories which always translates into our world of flowers.  And I think orange is an amazing color for your clients who really want to make a statement.  It pairs well with other bright colors like pinks, purples and yellow, but also can be used  by mixing with the never-ending love for anything peach as well provide a great punch of color when paired with gray.  The possibilities are great and I created a Pinterest board filled with this color of the moment – not all of us can rock orange lipstick, but we all can enjoy orange flowers.  Enjoy!


Wedding & Event Trends: Reception Seating

It seemed that last year was the year of the ghost chair – don’t you think?  I still really enjoy the look of these chairs, but in terms of comfort they are so-so.  At the same time, it has been super trendy to create home dining spaces that include banquet type seating, which are inherently more comfortable, and that seems to be influencing weddings and events.  I stumbled across a picture of mixing couches with chairs.  I think it is very eclectic and fun – what are your thoughts?  Do you think this will become a new trend that we will see more and more of at wedding and event receptions?

Floral, Wedding & Event Trend: Golden Glitz

I have had a passion for gold for a long time.  Even when it was on-trend to have platinum rings, I chose gold for mine.  It is classic and brings sophistication to a variety of color palettes.   Metallics have been on trend for awhile, but it seems that since the release of this year’s The Great Gatsby movie, gold has come into its own once again and is the top metal to accent florals, weddings and events.  Glimmering gold works well with the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, blush, pink, red, black, brights, pastels, and everything in between!  I think my favorite combination is either black and gold or blush and gold.  In honor of this glitzy color, I pulled together a Pinterest board for you and a few Instagram shots (below).  I hope you enjoy!


How do you feel about gold?


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