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TSE2015: The Wedding Gallery

TSE 2015 Wedding Gallery


If you have ever been to The Special Event, you know that the Wedding Gallery is one of the main attractions. Talented event designers put together a themed event space and I am always blown away at the transformations that take place in these little rooms at the convention hall. This year TSE was in Anaheim so there is lots of So-Cal influence in these designs.

A So-Cal Company Christmas

Team Leader: Connie Slykas

Team: Big4 Party Rentals

Being a born and raised So-Cal girl, I was really diggin’ this one. We don’t get much of a winter here so it was only appropriate to have a beachy vibe with the pier-like walk way and the walls made of pallets. I liked the detail of all our famous beaches and cities written on the pallets and the light up snowman and of course you have to throw a hammock in there! It is all very reminiscent of something you see walking in a beach neighborhood during Christmas.


An Eclectic Rendezvous In Southern California

Team Leader: Kamran Hussain, Kamran Hussain Designs

This design was split up in two. The fist half was a very chic white and gold set up using all gold containers and only white flowers and a whole lot of bling!

The second set up was quite the opposite of the first. It was jam packed with color and had more of a Moroccan feel. Bold accent pieces of mix patterned pillows and pops of solid color everywhere it was a feast for the eyes.


California Experience

Team Leader: Jorge Lopez, J&M Events

The California Experience room had a Los Angeles theme. Although the décor was very simple, the showpiece was the DJ booth. Flashing images of all things LA like the LAX sign, high rises in Downtown, beach scenes and of course a time lapse of traffic.


The Eco-Friendly Wedding

Team Leader: Cindy Lieber, OC Brides

This eco friendly design felt like living inside a fairytale. Seating areas made of moss and lush green plant life in every corner gave it a whimsical feel. The tablescapes also carried on the same woodsy and earthy look with simple floral designs that looked as though the plants were growing out of the container. LED trees gave it a modern twist and added eye catching lighting around the room.


The Merge Event

Team Leader: Brenda Lee Monteiro & Eleanor Yang,

Fiore Dorato International Pte Ltd

The Merge Event was all about high fashion. Each pillar in the room highlighted intricate headpieces, fierce high heels and stunning handbags. Every piece was backed by a beautiful floral design made of mostly orchids that was displayed on the wall.


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