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MDSC2014: Prize Sponsors

I wanted to give a shout out to this year’s prize sponsors – Oasis Floral and Syndicate Sales!  They were so lovely to support our contest and we greatly appreciate it!


Oasis was kind enough to offer each of our 3 Mayesh Design Stars finalists a $300 gift certificate and a tool kit.  The tool kit is an apron with seven florist tools:



Syndicate Sales pulled together a bunch of their products for one great prize package that will be received by all 3 finalists:


Item Description Qty per Package
#6001-48-07 Aquafoam Standard 1 case
#680-02-07 Aquaform 18″ Wreath 1 case
#692-02-07 Aquaform 18″ Open Heart 1 case
#329-03-22 Full Tray Stackables 1 case
#7013-01-15 Cooler Bucket w/ 15 lb Aquaplus 1 case
#47-95-09 9″ Cardettes 1 case
#7021-06-01 Aquaplus 1 Gallon 1 gallon
#7040-06-01 Fresh-n-Clean 1 gallon
#7087-04-00 Aquafinish Clear 1 gallon
#7035-06-01 HydraQuik 1 gallon
#428-36-471 2″ Wrappin’ Rainbow FlexWrap 1 case


Thank you
to both companies for their generosity and support of our contest! You rock!

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