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Flower Question on Snowberry



I recently received a question regarding snowberry.  Someone wanted to know if it should be stored in the cooler and was wondering why the foliage often turns black.  If you were wondering the same thing, please see the response below that David Dahlson provided to me.


Snowberry is a persistent berry, but unfortunately the leaves tend to dry out and shed, long before the drupes go bad.
At the peak of season they will remain, but remember this is a fall product (currently it has been coming from the Southern hemisphere where it is fall going into winter) and thus natural for the leaves to drop off. The berries themselves like cold conditions, so best kept in water in the cooler. Discard plastic sleeve as this may trap moisture that could cause spots on berries. Remove the odd drupe that goes brown.

Hope this helps!!  If you have any other questions that we can help with, please let me know in the comments below.

The Mayesh Minute: Snowberry



David presents to you in today’s Mayesh Minute, Snowberry.  Learn about these beautiful berries while he explains a bit about their discovery and history.  Enjoy!



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