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Mayesh Flower Care Guide Download


Flowers can be a delicate business, with some varieties even more delicate than others. With all of these different varieties, it can be hard to know how to properly take care of them. To help with this, we created a Flower Care Guide to share our best tips and tricks of taking care of some of the more delicate varieties.


Download our Flower Care Guide and keep it handy whenever you receive new product to process!


Mayesh Rose Guide Download


With so many rose varieties available in all shades imaginable, it can be difficult to narrow down which rose is perfect for your arrangement or event. To help make the decision easier, we curated a Rose Guide that includes the top-selling roses in each color category.


Download our Rose Guide and keep it handy for wedding and event consultations, a reference for new employees, and everyday use when planning the perfect palette!


Wholesale Flowers: Anco Vanda Orchids

Every time a picture is posted of these beautiful Vanda Orchids from Anco, everyone goes into a frenzy.  So we worked with our Dutch guys to provide you with an e-catalog and poster for your information.  Also, we have added the Anco Vanda Orchids to our Flower Library so that you can include them in your FloraFiles and pin your favorites to Pinterest!  If a flower could make your mouth water, it surely would be these juicy colored vandas!  Enjoy!


Vanda Orchids

Wholesale Flower Guide: Calla Lilies

Calla Lillies


The Calla Lily – known for its beauty and simple elegance – is the topic for our next product guide.  Although not as recognizable as a rose, this flower is known even among those who may not know much about flowers.

Get more information about availability, grading, colors, care & handling, vase life and more by clicking the link below:



Product Guide: Edible Flowers

The wedding and event season is upon us!  We often think about utilizing flowers in the usual designs – centerpieces, bouquets, large statement pieces, among others – but how often do you think about flowers for your event’s food or cocktails?  Edible flowers are a great up-sell for your events and just makes the menu a little more special.

For example, my new fave cocktail is a mix of St. Germain and bubbly.  I attended a couple of The Knot’s market mixer events, in which said favecocktail was the signature drink, but when presented with a glass it was garnished with little dried flowers.  It just felt more special and definitely memorable.

If I had to guess, I would say that many of you didn’t even know that we can supply you with your edible flowers.  So now that you know, will you start offering them to your wedding and event clients?


‘Tis the Season for Ilex

Like many others, I love this time of year!  As soon as everyone awakes from their turkey coma, the holidays are everywhere – including our Mayesh Wholesale warehouses and your flower shops.  I am guessing that many of you include Ilex branches in your product mix.  Ilex are those lovely branches that come in orange, red or even gold berries.  They come in a few different grades as well.  Below is a great chart from Sun Valley showing the difference between the 3 grades:



And don’t forget to check out our “’Tis The Season for Flowers” Pinterest board for some Ilex and other holiday flower design inspiration!


Fall Product Guides: Celosia, Cotinus, Freesia, Physalis & Rosehips

We don’t have just 1 new wholesale product guide for you, but 5!  We worked with Sun Valley to bring you product guides on Bombay Celosia, Cotinus, Freesia, Physalis (Chinese Lanterns, and Rosehips.  Even if you’ve been in the biz your whole life, I’m sure there is some new little nugget of information.


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