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Flower 411: January 2018

Flower 411


We hope you’re having a great start to 2018! Here’s the current lowdown on product availability going into the New Year from our awesome Purchasing team!





Acacia yellow bagged

Blossom forsythia

Blossom quince – pink and white

Hyacinth Local

Pussy willow fantail

Pussy willow whips

Ranunculus Butterfly – Import

Ranunculus – Local

Spirea- Japan only (limited & expensive!)

Sweet Huck  deciduous




Alchemilla Mollis – import

Allium-bullit- import only (Dutch)


Amaryllis- Import

Anemone – local

Aster Matsumoto

Astilbe – Import

Astrantia – Import

Banksia – menziesii – Local and some orange

Banksia- Coccinea and Formosa- Import only

Bear Grass Super

Bells- Local – Winter crop- spaced blooms

Birds – local

Blackberries- Import

Bouvardia- very limited locally (no light pink grown in USA) – go import (has all colors)


Campanula- import only – very expensive!


Clematis – Dutch only – no White

Cosmos Chocolate


Craspedia – local and import

Cyclamen Blooms – Import

Cymbidium – Large or Mini

Delph bella dark and light blue – expensive

Dianthus Green trick or Green Ball- local or import

Dianthus Gypsy


  • Greenhouse dahlias from our year round dahlia growers now available. 
  • Basic Colors, Burgundy, red, light pink, pink, Hot pink, purple (dark lavender-lagoon), limited orange, White & Café au Lait
  • Ball Dahlias – done for the season

Dogwood branches – flowering- tight bud, no flowers, still tight bud

Dogwood branches- colored wood in red, pink, or green/yellow (not blooming – leafless)

Eremurus – import

Genestra – local and import

Gloriosa short- Dutch

Gloriosa – Long Dutch or Japan

Godetia – Import $$$$

Gomphrena – all colors

Flowering Branch – Tulip Magnolia Blossoms

Foliages – lots of varieties painted gold and silver

Freesia – local just starting $$$ – plenty from Holland

Freesia – Super $$$$

Fruited Branch Persimmons

Gerbera Canada

Heather Hot pink

Heather White

Helleborus – Import

Hyacinth – import or local

Hyacinth- muscari blue or white – import

Hydrangea  -import

Jasmine vine no flower


Jasmine foliage

Kalanchoe – import

Kangaroo Paw – Import

Kochia – import


Lindera Green Berry Branch – Japan

Lisianthus – import

Lily of the valley – import – $$$

Manzanita /natural and sandblasted

Magnolia – local California and Florida

Nandina berried


Ornithogalum – white, yellow, orange- Import

Ornithogalum Arabicum – Import

Passion vine foliage

Pepperberry hanging – has no berries

Pepperberry Upright

Peony – all colors (except Burgundy) available

Phlox – import

Pieris  Bud-form pieris in good supply, still tight bud, no flowers until January

Privett – black berries

Protea pink duke

Protea Pink Ice

Protea queen/ Pinita, Lady Di, Ceres, Andrea

Protea Brenda

Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum) mostly orange, local and Hawaii, import is finished

Ranunculusimport – Dutch, Italian, Japanese

Rose Hips –Red

Scabiosa – Dutch

Scabiosa – Japan $$$

Scabiosa Pods

Scented Geranium

Southern Smilax



Sweet Pea – Japan

Sunflower – black center

Sunflower –Mini- Black Center

Trachelium Import


Tweedia – local or import

Veronica – Local and Import

Viburnum Snowball – Import

Viburnum Tinus Spring Bouquet-Tall-Portland

Waxflower – local





Anemone – import & Local AVAILABLE

Artichokes – all size and colors  GAPPING

Birch Victorian – AVAILABLE

Brunia Silver – almost finished

Calicarpa-  Beauty Berry

Delphinium Belladonna White

Delph hybrid all colors, especially white

Eucalyptus Gunni

Eucalyptus Small leaf  (moon lagoon, gumdrop, parvifolia, bonsai)

Freesia Super- local-$$$$

Gardenias – VERY LIMITED

Gomphrena White

Lisianthus – Local


Papyrus Lions Head – advance notice required

Poppy Assorted Icelandic – import only and extremely limited

Protea – Protea Blushing Bride

Protea white – import finished and local very limited

Sage Green- very short height right now

Strawflower- yellow, bronze/orange, purple only

Sunflower-green center




Allium – all types finished except bullit

Anemone Japanese

Bear Grass – Super length


Chamomile yellow daisy – no one grows this anymore

Clematis – local – Grower has severe damage- will not cut any for all of 2018

Cosmos – pinks and whites

Cotinus Blooming

Cotinus Foliage


Crocosmia Flower

Crocosmia Pods

Fruiting Branch Pomegranate

Ginger Beehive

Grevillea Asplendifolia- Magnolia type

Honey Suckle

Hydrangea local

Hydrangea lacecap

Hydrangea peegee

Kumquatsrestricted movement by the Department of Agriculture- not available until further notice

Lace Flower

Leucadendron Jester

Lunaria – finished for the season


Nigella- finished until spring crop starts

Oregano Kents Beauty and Hopley’s pink

Pampas Grass – try dried vendors

Poppy Pods

Protea King white



Stephanotis Vines

Sunflower – bi color, teddy bear or chocolate

Thryptomene/Calycina – Import


Above photo by Nicole Clarey Photography

November’s Featured Mayesh Luxe Blooms

Mayesh Luxe Blooms


Last week we posted the November Flower 411, but we wanted to share this month’s Featured Mayesh Luxe Blooms! If you don’t yet know about our line of luxe wholesale flowers, you can find more information here, and check out the Instagram hashtag #mayeshluxeblooms to stay up to date on our Luxe products.





Ranunculus Cloni Hanoi

Mayesh Luxe Blooms PROTEA PINK KING


Orange Ilex

Mayesh Luxe Blooms ILEX GOLD ILEX



Mayesh Luxe Blooms Peony


King Protea

Mayesh Luxe Blooms PROTEA PINK KING





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