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Portland Flower Market Spring Wedding Show

Portland Flower Market Wedding Show


This past weekend, Mayesh Portland hosted the Portland Flower Market Spring Wedding Show! Mayesh employee Jocelyn Kehrle reported on the show, keep reading for her recap!


Guest Blogger: Jocelyn Kehrle


The market was abuzz at 8am to see the much anticipated Franky Bollingh and Carolyn Shepard AIFD. Franky Bollingh started the show with an hour and a half segment of breathtaking designs! He has very innovative ideas which include dipping flowers and petals in wax, drizzling wax on arrangements, bending and manipulating wood and bark, and a really ingenious sprinkling of flower food on top of flowers to give the illusion of snow or frost on the flowers.

Carolyn Shepard AIFD was the second half of the show ending the day with a spectral bang! Bright and large arrangements kicked off her show with gorgeous summer colors. Adorned with wire and beads, it was a breath of fresh summer air! Beautiful Phalaenopsis orchids and Gloriosa from Mayesh took the stage, and our French tulips were to die for!


A big thanks to all of our vendors who donated and helped make this event so successful!

Hosa International
Liberty Blooms
Eco Rose
Oregon Rose
Monte Carlo
Anne Flowers
Smithers Oasis
Syndicate Sales


Portland Spring Wedding Show

Portland Spring Wedding Show


Tis the season for wedding shows! Announcing another spring show, this one in Oregon! Mayesh Portland will be joining its fellow flower market vendors in hosting the Portland Flower Market Spring Wedding Show in April.


WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2016 from 8am – 2pm

WHERE: Portland Flower Market – 3624 N Leverman St, Portland OR 97217

COST: $40 per person

WHAT: Spring Wedding show featuring guest designers Carolyn Shepard AIFD & Franky Bollingh! Catered lunch provided.



Register today! Call Portland Flower Market 503.289.1500

Hope to see you there!

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