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AIFD2012: Be the Best Designer You Can Be


Have you heard the name Pim van den Akker? I did not up until my trip to the AIFD National Symposium. My first experience hearing of him was from a customer, Kim Frys (winner of our 2012 National Design Contest) who was very excited to see Pim and said that he was one of her all-time design favorites! Well, that got my attention and then once I witnessed Pim on stage, I knew we were in for a treat! I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else work, create, and talk to an audience with such vigor – so much so that Pim became short of breath and sweaty, especially when he was crawling around underneath this tent like structure (it will make more sense when you see the pictures below). Not only were his designs super cool, but it was great fun to watch!

Throughout Pim’s design demonstration, he made some great points about design

  • Trust your capabilities and always have your safe zone.
  • “Enjoy and created with a smile”.
  • What is the reason you went into floristry? Always go back to that.
  • Favorite materials are dangerous because you always grab that material – you start to have tunnel vision.  Always give yourself space to learn to love other products.
  • Do you have an identity and value that you create in your work that your customers know about?  This point is important with super markets as you cannot compete with them, so you need to come up with a floral DNA that is totally yours and make your customers fall in love with your work.
  • “If you are struggling then you are doing it wrong”.

So the focal point of Pim’s program was “objects” – to play with materials and objects to design.  Below, we hope you enjoy the pictures that we captured of Pim creating all of his objects.


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