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The Life of a Coral Charm Peony

Life of a Coral Charm Peony


We’re excited to share this fun infographic showcasing five days in the life of a Coral Charm peony! There is so much variation in just five days, but each is so unique and pretty in its own way. Which stage is your favorite?



Life of a Coral Charm Peony

The Many Faces of the Coral Charm Peony

Peony Coral Charm


So many floral designers have an affinity for Coral Charm Peonies.  I think one of the many reasons we have come to adore this particular bloom is because the color changes throughout its blooming life – from a deep rich color to a airy cream/blush/pink color.  Maria of our Miami branch, took a few blooms home and created this great collage depicting the various colors of the Coral Charm peony.  Enjoy!


Coral Charm Peony

Bartzella Hybrid Peony at Mayesh Wholesale Florist

Bartzella Hybrid Peony


Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

Bartzella is a stunning new hybrid peony that has now enough production to make it a reasonable price for most of us mere mortals. It is a very large, stunning flower and quite rare for an herbaceous peony in that it is a bold brassy yellow. It is in fact what is known as an Intersectional hybrid; a cross between a white peony paeonia lactiflora and a Reath tree peony. It is about 8” in diameter when fully open, gloriously golden, with a thin ring of fiery orange around the corolla. The blooms are slightly fragrant, with petals that unfurl with the fragility of butterfly wings shuddering out of the pupa, diaphanous yet subtly strong.

Many of us in the industry have lusted for yellow tree peonies over the years, only to be rewarded with a scattering of petals piled around the vase the next morning. This peony is a superior performer with flowers lasting several days, and many providing a reasonable week of vase life.

Bartzella is an all American classic first bred by Wisconsin native Roger Anderson in 1982. It was named after the family pastor called Bart, but Roger’s wife added the “zella” to give it a softer sound.

This premium peony was awarded the “Grand Champion” honors in 2002 by the American Peony Society.

It is in season right now, so order immediately or wait until next year!


Bartzella Hybrid Peony Bartzella Hybrid Peony


Sarah Bernhardt


Long before the paparazzi enticing publicity stunts and outrageous fashion statements of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and other Hollywood celebrities, there was the first female actress to really vault to global fame at the end of the 19th century. She went on tour with a pet alligator called “Ali-Gaga” and frequently slept in a coffin. She acted in many plays in France, as well as touring in the USA, provoking outrage in New York when she performed in a play about Mary Magdalene’s alleged risqué liaisons with Pontius Pilate, Judas and Jesus – and …

Sarah Bernhardt was well known amongst all the artists of the day, enjoyed the company of many famous friends, and could hold her own with many of the luminaries of the era. When Oscar Wilde visited with “The Divine Sarah”, as she was known, he asked “Do you mind if I smoke?” to which she retorted, “I don’t care if you burn!”

An unique woman, truly an original; and the classic peony is deservingly named after her. Lady Gaga should be so lucky.


Peony Sarah Bernhardt


Paeonia “Sarah Bernhardt” is now in season. It is an enduring classic with a stunning inflorescence that is truly magnificent as the copious amount of rich pink petals unfurl. This flower is a top performer by any measure, with a reliable and long vase life and a hot commodity for the wedding season.

Peony Season Has Started Again



Did you know that you can get wholesale peonies right now?  Yep, that is right and below you can see some pictures straight from the farm to see all the beautiful colors that are available at Mayesh!  This particular grower will be able to provide us with the blousy blooms through the end of January and depending on the weather perhaps for the first week of February.


Big Ben Peony:



Duchess de Nemours Peony



Festiva Maxima Peony



Florence Nic Peony:



Gardenia Peony



Henri Bockstoce Peony:



Mary Nicholls Peony



Paul Wild Peony



Sarah Bernhardt Peony:


Are Peonies Available in September?


We just received this question on Facebook: “I have a September bride who would love to have white peonies! Is this possible?”  I wanted to make sure that this particular subject made it onto our blog so that the answer is easier to find.  As you know Mother Nature plays a big factor in what is available when, so I checked with our purchasing department and here is the current status on peonies:


We will start with peonies next around the second week of Oct  from Chile and New Zealand.

Alaska had a heat wave this year that pushed all of their crop to bloom early, so they are already done.

There may be some stored stuff still around from Holland but the quality cannot be ensured.


If you have a client, bride, or groom, for that matter, who really want peonies when they aren’t available one substitute that could be recommended is white garden roses.

Wholesale Coral Charm Peonies

We all go cuckoo for Coral Charm peonies.  So I thought you all would love to know that the Coral Charm peony season has begun!  You will start seeing these beauties at our warehouses and they should be around until the end of June.


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