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Mayesh’s 40th Anniversary Interview with CEO

Mayesh's 40th Anniversary interview

As I’m sure you know we have been celebrating our 40th Anniversary this month (if not, check out these posts).  I had the pleasure of sitting down with our CEO, Patrick Dahlson, to ask him a few questions about how Mayesh came to be the company it is today. I hope you take a few moments to walk down memory lane with us and enjoy the interview.

Do you have any special Mayesh moments from the past 40 years? Be sure to share them in the comments below.

Podcast & video:

The Unexpected Bouquet from Patrick Dahlson

Occasionally, our CEO, Patrick Dahlson sends flowers to people he encounters.  He recently had the opportunity to meet someone who is not part of our industry and asked if he could send some flowers to her work, but she requested that the flowers be sent to her mother instead.   Below is her reaction and “I think this is a beautiful illustration of the powerful emotional impact flowers have on people”, says Patrick Dahlson.

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!   I just spoke to my mother on the drive home; she didn’t pick up her flowers until today (she works 2nd shift so they were left at the office for the apartment).  She loved the flowers – she told me to tell you that no man in her life has ever gotten her flowers. She said that my younger brother got her a silk rose once, but she’s not sure if that counts.

Mom named a lot of the flowers that were in the bouquet – she said it was beautiful and she appreciated that you picked a spring bouquet.  When we were growing up, my mother had a planted garden.  We were in St. Louis in a poor neighborhood and were among the few yards that had anything.  I remember daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and roses…and other flowers that I don’t know the names.  Mom kept going on about the fragrance of the hyacinths – she really misses their perfume because she can’t grow them out here in the desert. 

I just want to thank you for being so generous and making my mother really happy, thank you so much!  The flowers reminded her of her garden long ago and she’s just thrilled!

I think it should be our mission to ensure that everyone has received fresh flowers at least once in their lifetime!  Who’s with me?


Proflora: Florverde & Sustainable Flowers

While at this year’s Proflora Fair, Florverde® Sustainable Flowers interviewed our CEO, Patrick Dahlson, about his thoughts on sustainability within the flower industry.  Watch the video here:



What are your thoughts on this subject?  Do you see sustainable flowers as a growing trend and an issue that your customers are concerned with?

AIFD2013: AIFD Award of Merit – Industry

This year I am pleased to announced that AIFD recognized Mayesh Wholesale Florist with the Award of Merit – Industry!


“This is an award that is presented to professionals in the floral industry who are not a member of AIFD, but who are serving a crucial role in advancing the industry.  [Mayesh is] also recognized for their long-held commitment and dedication to the AIFD Symposium.”


We really do to strive to serve our industry as a whole and I am so happy to see our efforts recognized by such a great organization!  I also wanted to say congratulations to Accent Decor, as they too received the Award of Merit – Industry!

Below is a video of the introduction of the award and of our CEO, Patrick Dahlson, giving his acceptance speech.  (The picture is not quite clear, but the audio is pretty good.)


“…A beautiful industry that provides incredible art to the world via the vehicle of flowers.  We at Mayesh are delighted to be a part of the solutions.”
~ Patrick Dahlson, CEO Mayesh Wholesale Florist


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