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Wholesale Flowers: Jumbo Antique Hydrangea

We recently posted the picture below on Facebook and it lit up people’s feeds with hundreds of likes (444 at the time of this post), thousands of people reached and lots of comments.  These jumbo antique hydrangea hail from New Zealand and we received some great questions that I thought I could answer here on the blog.


Availability: January through May (Mother’s Day is usually the end of the season).  When ordering please allow 10 days advanced notice.
Cost:  These are much more pricier than your typical hydrangea, but these aren’t a typical size.
Care: A fresh cut and hydrate with cool water. If they seem limp, you can submerge the heads in water for a bit and harden off in the cooler.


So if you would love to try utilizing these jumbo flowers be sure to mark your calendars for the beginning of next year so that you may inquire with your rep!


Jumbo Antique Hydrangea

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