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Flower 411: New Garden Rose Varieties


Holland: New Garden Rose Varieties

In early November, Mayesh took a trip to Holland for the International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair. Here is a little taste of the new garden rose varieties that will be coming to Mayesh soon which are not on the market yet!

Proflora 2015

Proflora 2015


Taking a little break from the farm tours, I thought I’d share a bit about Proflora, the main reason we even travelled to Colombia! The location of Proflora changes from time to time, this year’s choice being Bogotá, Colombia. Proflora is a flower trade show in which growers have a chance to show off their flowers, connect with current customers, and network with new ones. I haven’t attended too many flower shows yet (shocking I know, with a whole one year under my belt!) but I’m going to take a wild shot and guess that Proflora probably houses some of the fanciest booths I’ll see at a flower show. We’re talking tiny pop-up cafes, bars, lounges, and more within the convention space. Some were more extravagant than others, but they were all just so cool, and each grower found a unique way to display the flowers they produce. From suspended ceilings to Parisian cafes, here are a few of my favorites.


Possible New Product: Star Dianthus

I am excited to share with you a new product that one of our growers is working on.  Check out the picture below to see their new star dianthus in cherry and pink.  Their vase life will be similar to that of a mini carnation.

These spark shaped beauties are only being tested right now and we will have a extremely limited amount floating around Mayesh over the next 2 weeks.  If all goes well, then the grower will green light for production.  I think they are pretty cool, so I have my fingers crossed!

What do you think?



New 2013 Garden Rose Varieties

I LOVE being able to share with you anything new and today I get to do just that!  One of our major design contest sponsors, Alexandra Farms, just announced their new 2013 garden rose varieties.  They are constantly testing new varieties at their farm in Tocancipa and have tested over 500 rose varieties already!

Alexandra Farms has approved 10 garden rose varieties for commercial production next year. A few of these will be available in solid boxes starting in May 2013 – below is a sneak peak.

P.S. Please be aware that new varieties are always tough to get in quantities.  When ordering specific varieties, no matter the product, always have back-ups planned with your rep.


Precious Moments: is along lasting, symmetrical, light purple variety with excellent lasting qualities.


Cinnamon Spice: is a brown or terracotta rose with a bright yellow center and terrific dark green, shiny foliage.


Perfumella: is a large, peach colored, deep cupped rose with a strong myrrh fragrance.


Lemon Piano: is the newest member of the Piano family and is a light green version of our round deep cupped shaped collection.


Code 4575: is a fabulous white rose with hundreds of petals forming a symmetrical but somewhat disorderly center.


Gospel: is fragrant, dark purple and fabulous! Large heads with delicate stems, hundreds of petals and what a shape!

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