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Mayesh Floral Forum: Mother’s Day Inspiration

Mother's Day Inspiration


Can anyone else believe that we’re one week away from one of the busiest holidays in the flower industry? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we asked a few of our Floral Forum designers to share some unique ideas to offer your customers. Beth & Jodi chimed in, keep reading for some fun Mother’s Day inspiration!


Floral Forum

Beth O’Reilly

As far as flower selection, novelty carnations can make a striking statement for Mother’s Day. The antique tones such as Antigua make for a unique offering and still allow for lots of room to make a more personalized design. Container choices are also a big sell for Mom’s day. Something that evokes emotion and can double as a keepsake is a great idea Try offering to your customers the option of taking something like gardening boots and tools and working them into a special design. Really it’s about letting flowers and design express the sentiment behind the flowers. Flowers have a way of saying what words cannot.


Floral Forum

Jodi Duncan

Succulents/echeveria in terrariums and in cloches are huge for us. Costume jewelry as an add on sale, incorporated into ribbon or wire on a vase is nice as well!
So there you have it! From unique containers to succulent terrariums, there are so many fun alternatives to the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet. What other fun ideas are you offering for all the special mamas out there?

And as a little added inspiration, here are a few gorgeous pulls to get your creative juices flowing! Which palette best represents your mom?


Mother's Day Inspiration

Mother's Day Inspiration

Mother's Day Inspiration

Mayesh Charlotte Spring Design Show Recap

North Carolina Spring Design Show


Guest Blogger:  Renee Wright

Mayesh Charlotte hosted a design show for the North Carolina State Florist Association with designer Jody McLeod AIFD, CFD and NCCPF on Sunday April 3, 2016. We had a great turn out, and a wonderful Sunday lunch catered by Jo’s Catering and Flowers. Jody wanted to make shop owners and designers aware that Mother’s Day is ever changing and we must keep ourselves updated on the changes.

Jody showcased some of the great new fresh product Mayesh Charlotte is now carrying and the Syndicate Sales containers that can have a high end value; the ideas were received very well by the attendees. He discussed how we must also consider what containers we purchase, for they can be sufficient for a wide variety of price points. He also made a point of mentioning that floral designers need to manipulate product that has a negative image, such as carnations and how such an inexpensive flower can be manipulated to have a high-end look.

Jody held a discussion on weddings and how the cascade is back. He said that you can only fake it till you make it for so long, and advised all attendees to learn to make a cascade properly so that it can be made as quickly as a hand tied. You can also get that cascade look in a hand tied with flowers like jasmine, clematis, or other vine like flowers and greenery. He mentioned his observations that hand tied bouquets are getting bigger, a trend he hopes will stay, but designers must be consciences on what product we use and try to keep bouquet handles on the smaller end.

Everybody had a great time and we gained some new customers in the process!


Mayesh/NCSFA Spring Design Show

Mayesh Charlotte Spring Design Show


To our customers in Charlotte, NC area, we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with NCSFA to put on a spring design show, “Seasonal Sensations”!


WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2016 from 1-3pm

WHERE: Mayesh Wholesale – 646 Michael Wylie Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217

COST: $20 per person

WHAT: Design show will be presented by Jody McLeod AIFD, CFD, NCCPF, featuring unique & inspiring spring floral designs, sensational celebrations for Mom, and the latest romantic wedding floral recipes! Lunch will be provided provided before the show begins, from 11:30am – 1pm.



Deadline for registration & payment is March 30, 2016

Supply & Demand – Mother’s Day 2014

Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

All of a sudden the supply of some flowers, especially roses and hydrangeas, has become dramatically curtailed. That is of course unless you want red roses for any number of reasons; then you are in luck, because red roses abound. We are now entering the period when the rose plants that had been harvested for Valentine’s Day are producing new blooms, most of which are red.  For Mother’s Day, it seems that mostly colors are in demand; probably because it is mostly women making the purchasing decisions, whether for their own mothers or for their mothers-in-law.
And if you are looking for some of the most sought after varieties such as Quicksand, High & Arena, Canela, Giotto, Combo or even old-school Sahara it really will be a struggle to get any reasonable quantities.

A simple solution is the dianthus caryophyllus “Creola”. These wonderful flowers are probably not on most people’s radars as they are from the family of oft dismissed carnations. Their casual, loose habit recalls damask rose blooms but it is their color, neutral like Quicksand, with hints of pink, yellow ochre and antique green that make them very much à la mode. They complement a wide range of flowers including antique green hydrangeas. Combine that with their low cost and incredible vase life, and you have a product that can be purchased by the box and kept handy as a stand-by for all kinds of last minute situations.



And they are certainly not your Mother’s carnations!

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