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Floral Professionals Come Together to Help Honor the Granite Mountain Hotshots

I’m sure you have heard on the news about the 19 wildfire specialists that came to aid in Yarnell’s fierce fire were tragically killed.  On Tuesday, July 9th, a memorial service for the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots took place.

You may not have heard, however,  about the team of floral designers, wholesalers, and many other companies who volunteered time, resources, and fresh flowers to create floral tributes used for the memorial service.  We worked with Arizona area florists such as Allan’s Flowers, Prescott Valley Florist, and Tulip Tree Florist, to supply product from over 10 of our own suppliers who also wanted to get involved to honor these fallen heroes.

It is great to see another example of how our industry can work together at a time of need to help provide some level of consolation that we all know flowers bring to solemn events.  Thank you to everyone that was involved and for the privilege of allowing Mayesh to participate.



If you would like to see more pictures to truly appreciate the efforts, be sure to visit Allan’s Flowers Facebook page.

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