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Mayesh Design Star Charleston Workshop Recap


The year is flying by, and although we have only one workshop left in our 2018 Mayesh Design Star workshop series, we still have our past three workshops to recap!




Our May Charleston workshop was just featured on Botanical Brouhaha, but there are so many more beautiful photos we just had to share.

The workshop was held at The Cedar Room, a dreamy venue located in Charleston’s historic Cigar Factory. With white washed brick walls, tall windows and as much natural light as you could possibly hope for, this venue was more than perfect for our spring inspired workshop.





As with our Miami workshop, we started the workshop Monday evening with a networking event. The students enjoyed appetizers and wine while meeting one another and watching presentations from Ryan O’Neil of Curate & Jodi Duncan for Design Master. Following their educational presentations, Kaylee discussed the important role mood boards play in her design process, and had each student create their own as a way to help define their style. Everyone – the Mayesh team included! – then went around and wrote a descriptive word next to each mood board, leaving each student with a long list of words to help articulate their style in five words. This exercise was a great way to get the students thinking about their unique styles and coming into day two with more intention.







Day two was all about design. Kaylee and her assistant Jamie led the students in a group installation activity. When the students arrived, the ceremony was set up with a simple, bare arch and two large urn arrangements to show one option for a ceremony set up. Then, as a class they created the second ceremony option: a lush floral arch and aisleway installation using spirea, garden roses and peonies.

Following the installation, Kaylee demonstrated how she creates her signature bridal bouquets. The students then designed their own bouquets, finished off with gorgeous silk ribbon from Adorn Company and photographed with local model Hilary Rose.



Workshop Credits:


Taught by Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay
Photography: Nicole Clarey Photography
Venue: The Cedar Room
Rentals: Ooh! Events
Ribbon: Adorn
Model: Hilary Rose
Dress: Fabulous Frocks Bridal
HMUA: Pampered & Pretty


Workshop Product Sponsors:




To learn more and reserve your spot in our LAST workshop of the year in Salt Lake City, click here!


Mayesh Design Star Miami Workshop Recap


As we gear up for our third workshop of the year in Seattle, we’re taking a look back on our first workshop this past January in Miami! Now that it has officially been published on Botanical Brouhaha, we’re excited to share some more of the beautiful photos and video to give you a look into what our Curate & Create Workshop Tour with Kaylee Young really looks like.

Our Miami workshop was held at 255 Studio, a photography studio in the vibrant Wynwood Arts District that provided the perfect blank canvas for Kaylee to work with.







The workshop kicked off with an evening networking event. Two of our product sponsors (Hosa & Alexandra Farms) stopped by to talk about their products while the students ate delicious appetizers from Food Guy Catering. Then Kaylee led the class in a mood boarding activity in an effort to help the students define their own, unique design styles and come into the next day with intention.






The second day of the workshop focused on design. Kaylee walked the students through her entire process from order curation to design. The students were then given the opportunity to create their own centerpieces using the most amazing product from our sponsors.

The last piece of the workshop was a group installation, led by Kaylee and her design assistant, Jamie Heusser. Together they created a chuppah and aisleway installation with a variety of foliages and garden roses.




Workshop Credits:


Taught by Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay
Photography: Nicole Clarey Photography
Videography: Talewind Visuals
Venue: 255 Miami Studio
Rentals: Elements & AccentsLavish Event Rentals
Catering: Food Guy Catering


Workshop Product Sponsors:




To learn more about our workshops and reserve your spot in one of the remaining three (Seattle, Santa Barbara or Salt Lake City), click here!


MDS Workshop Vendor Feature: Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn


With just two weeks left until our Mayesh Design Star Charleston workshop, we wanted to give a little shout out to one of our vendors, Adorn, who will be proving beautiful silk ribbon for all of the attendees’ bouquets. Here’s a little background on the Hawaii-based company:





Adorn is a handmade textile and fine art line founded by floral designer Mandy Grace and artist Nichola Moss. Their debut raw-edge silk ribbon collection was born out of an innocent curiosity. As a painter, Nichola had recently explored using silk scarves as her medium. Mandy was working in her flower studio alongside her mother-in-law and noticed an ethereal piece of silk stretched across an artist canvas. She asked Nichola if she had ever considered dying silk. The pair thought, let’s try.


Adorn merges art and nature, offering beautifully simple and organic adornment for wedding flowers and décor.  As a florist by trade, prepping wedding bouquets, Mandy found a continual five yard run of ribbon yields the least amount of waste. Each shade is dyed by hand, giving the ribbon a soft look and feel. The color variations contain subtle differences in tone, making every spool of ribbon unique.


Adorn now offers nearly 40 gorgeous shades of silk ribbon and a collection of gauze runners made of 100% natural fibers in eight soft hues to drape across a wooden farmhouse table at a dinner party at home or intimate celebration in nature. In 2017, Adorn debuted their line of textured wooden styling boards to satisfy the need for beautifully moody photo backdrops in the fine art film community.


Made locally in Hawaii.




MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop Vendor Feature Adorn

MDS Workshop vendor feature Adorn

Photo by @joelserrato



Our Charleston workshop is now sold out, but if you’re in the Seattle, Santa Barbara or Salt Lake areas, be sure to check out the details and save your seat to join us on tour!



Interview with Holly Chapple


If you haven’t heard the news yet, we’re so excited to announce that Holly Chapple will be joining us in Quito next year for our Mayesh Design Star International Experience! With twenty-five years of experience, Holly is a wealth of knowledge from both a design and business standpoint, and we can’t wait to share that knowledge with all of our attendees.


We caught up with Holly to ask her a few questions about herself and her journey in the industry!





Let’s start off simple – tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got started in the flower industry? (Or maybe that’s not such simple question!)

I am a floral and event designer in Leesburg, Virginia, I am a mom of seven and run my business from home so that I can tend to the things happening in our family and at our house.  My parents owned and operated a garden center/produce market all of my life. We grew much of the product we sold. My father taught me how to make garlands, centerpieces, wreaths, and kissing balls so that I could help with the designing during holiday periods.  As kids, we spent our summers on the back of a truck selling produce or in the fields growing mums. When I married my husband and I landed on a property full of lilac, viburnum, peony, and hydrangea. Designing was a natural progression for me and it became the way I would support my family.



You have become so much more than a floral designer… can you talk about The Chapel Designers and what inspired you to start this network of floral designers?

This was a result of social media, I had been blogging daily for my blog, The Full Bouquet. This was 9.5 years ago, at the time very few designers were using this forum. Other small businesses began bonding with our studio because we were facing the same issues. Chapel Designers grew organically and out of need.  Today this organization brings so much support to its members, its all about a community of like-minded professionals but now we are family!!



Your husband is a big part of your business now too! How is it working so closely together? 

This quite frankly is often very hard. Evan is very black and white, the world of design is not. He tries so hard to bring balance and continuity to our team, but as all designers know at any moment an order can come in and we are all of a sudden up to our eyeballs in chaos; obviously, procurement of stems also causes chaos and lack of balance. However, his need for balance and organization makes so much of our company run beautifully. Evan handles the financials and the payroll thank goodness, but explaining to him why I had to source a precious out-of-season stem is not easy. Evan is also very much into growing and building, therefore his role of taking care of the farm is essential. He loves to enhance and advance the property. Since the farm is our greatest investment it really needs a fabulous caretaker.



What is your design philosophy? 

I love designs that are loose and airy, that shows a wide range of textures and colors. Full and lush!! For a great example, be sure to check out my Mayesh Pull Challenge!



Photo by Katie Stoops


How about business?

In it to win it. It’s important to me that the business is always moving forward. I know that as long as I am in business I need to keep advancing. I am always thinking of new revenue streams, this is one of my strongest business skills.


You have your hands in a lot of different facets of the industry, but what is the one part about it that brings you the most joy?

The love of flowers and people. It has become very clear to me that I love people as much as I love flowers.


I know choosing just one favorite flower is tough, but can you do it?? And if not, what are your favorite varieties right now?

NO chance, but Lilac will always be special to me as I started selling bouquets of lilac from my garden.


What wisdom would you impart upon any newcomers in the industry, just starting out in a small studio or shop?

This is a career for those that can’t help themselves, for those that are passionate about flowers. This is not a job for someone that thinks flowering is easy or fun. Most people do not realize the amount of physical or manual work involved.


What are you most looking forward to about our time in Quito, Ecuador?

Seeing the flowers and meeting new friends. FLOWERS & PEOPLE


Hope Flower Farm 


MDS Seattle Workshop Vendor Feature: Metropolist


Guys! We’re so excited that we were able to add an extra Design Star workshop in Seattle with Kaylee Young, and we wanted to share the exciting news that we officially have a venue! The workshop will be held at Metropolist in SODO on July 16th & 17th. Here’s a little information about the space:


Metropolist is housed in the historic Ederer Building on 1st Avenue South. Built in 1919, the Ederer Crane building was used to manufacture large-scale cranes for construction projects around the area. You will discover one of the cranes remains in our space and adds an industrial and urban vibe to events and parties.

Metropolist is fully customizable, making it an ideal location for a Seattle wedding, celebration or company event. Metropolist evokes the dramatic effect of an urban industrial warehouse with 14 foot walls and vaulted 25 foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, exposed piping overhead, warm and bright wood floors.


Metropolist has held many beautiful weddings and styled shoots, one of which was recently featured on Magnolia Rouge! Check out some images of the space and some gorgeous events they have hosted…





Design Star Seattle Workshop Venue Metropolist


Design Star Seattle Workshop Venue Metropolist

Photo: @whiskersandwillow 


Design Star Seattle Workshop Venue Metropolist


Design Star Seattle Workshop Venue Metropolist

Above two photos: @omalleyphotographers


Design Star Seattle Workshop Venue Metropolist Photo: @bluerosepictures



Save your seat today!




Playing with Leftovers: A Styled Shoot with Nicole Clarey Photography

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot


Have you ever worked with a new vendor and about ten minutes in realize you’re a match made in heaven? Collaborating is effortless, you’re always on the same page, and you’re basically long lost best friends? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Nicole Clarey.

For those of you that don’t know the story behind our workshop photographer, I’ll give you the quick rundown. We were first connected with Nicole for our Cleveland workshop (she currently lives in Dayton, OH) and really enjoyed working with her that day. She was laid back, friendly, and we loved her photos of the workshop. So instead of going with our original plan of hiring a local photographer for each workshop, we decided to take a leap of faith and asked her to join us for the remainder of the tour! Seven workshops later, Nicole has become an honorary member of the Mayesh family and a great friend, both professionally and personally to all of us. She hustles, she pitches in without being asked (set-up & strike is a pain y’all – all hands on deck) and most importantly, she keeps us laughing the entire time.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I just wanted to set the stage for this blog post, and show you why we got so lucky.


Exhibit A


Our final workshop of 2017 was in Detroit (driving distance for Nicole) and she was finally able to bring her car and take home a couple buckets filled with our leftover flowers. Well, instead of just bringing home the flowers to use around her house, she called up some of her favorite vendors in Ohio and set up an impromptu styled shoot the day after the workshop.

Nicole first reached out to her favorite local florist and friend, Heather of Evergreen Flower Co. “Can you put together a bouquet with whatever extra product I’m able to pull together from the workshop?!” is how I imagine their conversation went. From there, they reached out to some other local vendors, and set out to make a little magic.

I think one of my favorite parts about this industry is watching creatives from different fields come together to collaborate on projects that aren’t necessarily something they were hired for, but are doing either for fun, to help out a fellow vendor, or are purely for themselves. Sometimes a spontaneous day of designing and shooting can be just the thing to remind ourselves why we do what we do, and get the creative juices flowing.

So thank you to all the vendors who jumped in head first when Nicole called, and helped put together this beautiful styled shoot with our leftover product. Leftovers never looked so good, wouldn’t you agree?


And BTW, is anyone else obsessed with the colors of these backdrops? Deep dusky blue or desert peach… which is your favorite? I can’t decide!




Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Mayesh Nicole Clarey Styled Shoot

Mayesh Nicole Clarey Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot

Mayesh Nicole Clarey Styled Shoot

Mayesh Nicole Clarey Styled Shoot

Mayesh Nicole Clarey Styled Shoot

Nicole Clarey Photography and Mayesh Styled Shoot





Photography: Nicole Clarey Photography | @nicoleclareyphoto

Concept + Styling: Events Held Dear | @eventshelddear

Studio: Zurie Studio | @zuriestudio

Florist: Evergreen Flower Co. | @evergreenflowerco

Hair, MU: The Bride Bar | @thebridebar — hair: @cassadishirk + MU: @angiewarrenartistry

Model: Karina Sauder | @karinasauder

Dress: B.Loved Bridal Boutique | @blovedbridal

Dress Designer: Tara Lauren | @tara_lauren

Flowers provided by Mayesh Wholesale

MDS Workshop Venue Feature: The Cedar Room


After an amazing first workshop in Miami, we couldn’t be more excited for our second one in Charleston in May! You may have seen on Instagram, but we’ve officially found a home for the workshop at The Cedar Room, a gorgeous space located in the historic Cigar Factory. The Cedar Room is open and airy with beautiful natural light streaming through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day in this dreamy space with us, buckets filled with flowers, and our awesome design star Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay?!

Cover image by @rachelredphotography


MDS Flower Design Workshop Charleston The Cedar Room

MDS Flower Design Workshop Charleston The Cedar Room

MDS Flower Design Workshop Charleston The Cedar Room


If you’re in Charleston or surrounding areas and haven’t purchased your ticket yet, what are you waiting for?!




MDS Workshop Venue Feature: 255 Miami Studio


We are just over a month away from our first official workshop of the 2018 MDS Workshop Tour: Curate & Create with Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay! We’re excited to share the venue for our Miami workshop this coming January: 255 Miami Studio.


Located in the heart of the Wynwood Arts District, 255 Miami Studio is a photo studio & event space with high ceilings, an open floor plan and plenty of natural light. Its clean white walls will create a simple gallery aesthetic and provide the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous flowers hand-selected by Kaylee and the professional photographs of each student’s work by fine art photographer Nicole Clarey.

{A great bonus, is that the studio has its own gated parking lot so you won’t have to drive around trying to find street parking!!}


Studio 255 Wynwood

Studio 255 Wynwood


While the space is clean & minimal, the neighborhood is anything but that. For those of you unfamiliar with the area, the Wynwood Arts District is a vibrant neighborhood home to over seventy galleries, museums, and collections. It is most famous for The Wynwood Walls, a unique outdoor destination featuring huge, colorful street murals by artists from around the globe.


255 Miami Studio Wynwood


We couldn’t be more excited to host the Miami workshop in a neighborhood so rich with culture, and with its vast selection of bars and restaurants, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to enjoy a meal or a drink with your new flower friends! So if you’re in Miami or surrounding areas and you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, come join us for what’s sure to be an amazing & educational workshop!




Save the Date | MDS 2018 Workshop Dates

Mayesh Design Star Workshop Tour 2018 Dates


While it is mind blowing to us that we’re already nearing the end of our first Mayesh Design Star tour, we are so excited to embark on our second tour of floral design workshops with our brand new Design Star Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay!

We all know how quickly time flies, so with 2018 fast approaching we wanted to announce next year’s tentative dates and locations. We are still finalizing them but wanted to share where we’re at to start getting you all excited!

This year, each workshop will take place over more than just a day, with a welcome cocktail party and possibly even a short activity the evening before! With so much material to cover and people traveling from sometimes up to a state away, we’re excited to get an early start and provide plenty of time to get to know one another before diving into the rest of the workshop.

So without further ado, our 2018 MDS Workshop Tour Dates!





JANUARY 22 & 23  |  MIAMI, FL


MAY 21 & 22  |  CHARLESTON, SC












More details to come in the very near future, but be sure to pencil us in for at least one of our 2018 workshops! It’s going to be a good year guys, we promise.


Get to Know our 2018 Design Star


By now you probably know that our 2018 Mayesh Design Star is Kaylee Young of Flourish by Kay, so we thought now was a good time to get to know Kaylee a little bit better and learn about the designer behind the flowers!

We hope you enjoy spending a few minutes with Kaylee below, and can’t wait to share next year’s workshop tour dates with you all in the very near future!



First of all, congratulations! We are beyond excited to have you board as our next Design Star… it’s going to be a fun year! For everyone dying to know more about you, can you just give us a little background on yourself, and how you ended up in this crazy wonderful world of flowers we find ourselves in? 

When I was 18 years old, I took a career aptitude test in college to help me determine which career was right for me, and the top career that was considered for me was ‘Florist.’ I’d literally never thought about flowers before, but I was intrigued by the idea so I signed up for a beginner floral design course at night. That’s when I decided I liked flowers and I really wanted to learn floral design. After that I bombarded the flower shop by my house, dropping off resumes every 6 months or so until they finally hired me! Took about 2 years, but I wore them down haha! After working in shops for 3 years, I moved over to the event floral side of things and started my own business, Flourish. It’s been a crazy ride but I just love what I do so much now. I can’t imagine living a life where I’m not designing and styling and creating beauty. I feel so fortunate that I get to do this for my career.


Can you talk about your style & design philosophy?

My design philosophy is all about creation & curation. I’d say beautiful floral design is made up of 50% the curation of the flowers and materials, and 50% creating the design with good technique. Being very intentional about my inspiration and ideas, and thoughtfully preparing my flower order has helped me to refine my design skills so much and produce the best results I possibly can.

I also believe being a good floral artist is a balance of striving for perfection and just ‘winging it’. I had to learn to trust myself. But once I did, that’s when I started creating all my best work.

My style is a mix of maximal and minimal design (is that a thing?) There isn’t necessarily one type of design I really love. I just love when everything looks pieced together perfectly, when the design feels like it makes its surroundings come to life, and the colors and product chosen compliment each other nicely. My goal is to come up with a feeling for each arrangement that I make and to make it match the scene that it will fit into perfectly. I like to challenge myself to use new types of flowers, or add more flowers, or less. Sometimes the design ends up totally different than what I thought it would in the beginning. But as long as I get the feeling of the arrangement right, I feel good.


Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay


Cliché question, but I love hearing the unique answers people have! So… where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration stems from something small. Whether it be a single bloom, or a striking color, a feeling I get when I look at a photograph, or an outfit on the runway. My inspiration usually starts as something small, and then I build around it with more ideas. I love going into the city for inspiration. I like to people watch and feel the energy there. It makes me feel inspired and like anything is possible. I also like to watch other artists work on things and read about their stories. I literally know nothing about making clothing, but whenever I watch the show “Project Runway” I always walk away thinking,”Yes! If they can make clothes out of stuff from the hardware store I can do anything!”

Another thing that I think is really important, is admitting when I feel worn out or uninspired and just throwing on some sweatpants and binge-watching The Office with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. By learning to take breaks and turning down some jobs when I feel burnt out helps me to feel inspired and to feel energized when I want and need to be.


2018 Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay


We are all about educating and being a resource for our customers, both new and old. What are your thoughts on education within the industry, and why do you think it’s important?

I think floral education is so important! It can be difficult to attain all of the knowledge that is out there about flowers. There are so many flower types and techniques and there is no one particular way to do anything or even learn anything. I think one of the best ways I’ve learned is by watching other florists (all with different styles and techniques) design and work and taking my favorite ideas from each person to come up with my own technique and style. I love that Mayesh strives to be a resource, too. It’s been amazing shopping with a rep who can suggest things I’ve never heard of and send me pictures, or I can look through their flower library online. It’s helped me to learn so many new flower types and new things being able to ask my Mayesh rep any questions I might have.


What are you most excited for next year as the Mayesh Design Star?

I am so excited to collaborate with Mayesh to deliver some amazing workshops! It is going to be SO MUCH FUN! I’m excited to meet everyone and learn about them and what makes them feel inspired, and create some beautiful things together.


Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay


Okay, this can be totally unrelated to flowers! What is a random or fun fact about you, to get to know the person behind the design?

A fun fact about me is that I HAVE to have my diet coke & gummy candy before I start arranging flowers. It’s like a ritual now. I go to the store and get my drink and my treats, blast some music, and I’m ready! That’s how I start out designing every time.


Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay Brian Whitt Photography

Photo by Brian Whitt Photography

Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay Lauren Balingit Photography

Photo by Lauren Balingit

Mayesh Design Star Flourish by Kay


For more of Kaylee’s work, make sure to check out her Instagram!


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