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Floral Perspective: Dipped in Gold with Beth O’Reilly AIFD

In this edition of the Floral Perspective, we are pleased to introduce you to our next Mayesh Design Star finalist, Beth O’Reilly AIFD.  Beth will show us a new design trend called “dipped in gold”. This look is created by taking things from around the shop and adding a new gold, glittery finish. The main course is a dipped in gold bridal bouquet that will make your bride sparkle with glee! Featured floral product: novelty carnations, Sahara roses, Camel roses, Camel Antique garden roses, Romantic roses, Cool Water roses, Sterling Silver roses, magnolia leaves, succulents and agonis.

Hard goods used: Design Master 24KT Pure Gold spray paint, goose feathers, Oasis aluminum wire in gold, Oasis igloo and gold containers from UCI.

Because I know you are going to ask, I did ask Beth about where all the bouquet bling came from and here is what she had to say:

As far as the bling….some are from Oasis and some from my private stash. I am always looking for things to add to my collection-and all the brooches were mine, but Oasis does have a great selection of brooches which would work just as well.  The mega-beaded wire in ivory pearl was used on the bouquet along with the gold wires, 12 gauge, bullion and 24 gauge. The chain was from Oasis. The beaded sprays are something I made ahead of time from things I had. I glittered some Christmas sprays and added gold beads on the ends.
Enjoy the video!  And remember, if you love it be sure to share Beth’s video with all of your floral friends because the views & viewer retention will count towards the contest!  Stay tuned because next month, you will meet Tony Medlock AIFD our final designer competing to become our 2015 Mayesh Design Star!


Last, but not least I wanted to include a few pictures that show off all of the “dipped in gold” details:

Floral Perspective: Valentine’s Day Roses with Patience Pickner AIFD PFCI

Kicking off our year-long video contest, we are excited to introduce a Mayesh Design Stars Finalist, Patience, Pickner AIFD PFCI, in her first video for her series. Patience will show us a fun and playful way to give a dozen “florgasmic” red roses for Valentine’s Day. Featured product: plumosa, ruscus, smoke bush, waxflower, green trick dianthus, willow, lily grass and of course the roses — Freedom, Tinto, Hearts. Supplies used: UCI Metallic container, Oasis bind wire and Oasis flat wire.  Thank you to Baker Party Rentals for providing the table linens.

Good Luck Patience!

Enjoy and look for videos from Beth and Tony soon!

Lastly, our Mayesh Design Star winner will be determined by views, viewer retention, video content, and other considerations (e.g. work ethic, working within a team, etc.) – not by voting.  So show your support by watching and sharing your favorite videos.


MDSC2014: The Finalists


As you are probably aware, we are shaking things up with our 2014 Mayesh Design Star Contest!  For this year, our floral community chose 3 finalists who will compete next year to be our 2015 Mayesh Design Star!!  The 3 finalists will receive the following:


  • Trip: Los Angeles to filming location that includes: air, transportation, and hotel accommodations for one for 3 days and 2 nights including meals.  Travel dates will be sometime during the period of October 23-26, 2013.
  • A $1000 gift basket of floral products from Mayesh, Smithers-Oasis, and Syndicate Supply
    • $400 Mayesh Wholesale Florist gift certificate
    • $300 gift certificate for OASIS® Floral Products/Floralife Products and 3 Tool Kits
    • Syndicate Sales prize package of products worth over $330


The finalists compete throughout next year (2014) to be our 2015 Mayesh Design Star host based on video performance – video views, audience retention, video content and other considerations.  That grand prize winner will receive:

  • Floral industry related trip that includes: air, transportation, and hotel accommodations for two (2) for multiple days & nights depending on show/workshop. Prize value will be up to $4000.
  • 2015 video series host
  • Videos created and hosted by winning host designer will be posted on dedicated page on
  • Winning designer host will have a bio page on
  • Monthly promotion of video via e-blast, blog, and social media
  • Link to winners website
  • Winner will be given rights to post Mayesh released videos on their website (altering video prohibited)


I feel like I say this each year but it is true each time – we would be honored to have worked with any of the semi-finalists.  However, you know there are only 3 that can move on to the next round.  So without further adieu, please meet our Mayesh Design Star Finalists:


Beth O’Reilly AIFD TMF

Patience Pickner AIFD PFCI

Tony Medlock AIFD

Congratulations to Beth, Patience, and Tony!  We are so excited to work with you soon!  Good luck in the next round that will unfold all next year!

MDSC2014: Prize Sponsors

I wanted to give a shout out to this year’s prize sponsors – Oasis Floral and Syndicate Sales!  They were so lovely to support our contest and we greatly appreciate it!


Oasis was kind enough to offer each of our 3 Mayesh Design Stars finalists a $300 gift certificate and a tool kit.  The tool kit is an apron with seven florist tools:



Syndicate Sales pulled together a bunch of their products for one great prize package that will be received by all 3 finalists:


Item Description Qty per Package
#6001-48-07 Aquafoam Standard 1 case
#680-02-07 Aquaform 18″ Wreath 1 case
#692-02-07 Aquaform 18″ Open Heart 1 case
#329-03-22 Full Tray Stackables 1 case
#7013-01-15 Cooler Bucket w/ 15 lb Aquaplus 1 case
#47-95-09 9″ Cardettes 1 case
#7021-06-01 Aquaplus 1 Gallon 1 gallon
#7040-06-01 Fresh-n-Clean 1 gallon
#7087-04-00 Aquafinish Clear 1 gallon
#7035-06-01 HydraQuik 1 gallon
#428-36-471 2″ Wrappin’ Rainbow FlexWrap 1 case


Thank you
to both companies for their generosity and support of our contest! You rock!

Mayesh Design Star Contest 2014: Changes Explained


You might be wondering why we decided to change up our Mayesh Design Stars contest this year …. and I’m here to help.

First, we just wanted to try something new and shake things up a bit while giving the opportunity to more than just 1 winner.  We have so many talented people in our industry and we hope that the way we have set up this year’s contest will be a little less intimidating to those who may have not entered in the previous years.

Which brings me to why we involved our 2013 Mayesh Design Star, Jodi Duncan AIFD.  She is great in front of the camera, for sure, but have you seen her interact with an audience or another designer?  We all here at Mayesh loved watching the interactions and thought she would be amazing working with our finalists for next year’s videos.  Putting two designers in front to the camera will add another layer of personality and Jodi’s presence will help calm the nerves of those who are doing something brand new.

If you want exposure, then you will get it.  Our first 2 seasons have gained well over 280,000 views already and is steadily rising!  This is a great way to give to and be a bigger part of the floral industry!  You will be well known across the country and even the world.  Yes, the majority of our viewers are from the U.S., but the top 5 countries after that is Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Poland, and Germany.  Pretty cool, if you ask me! 😉

So get your video cameras, Flips (do people still buy those), or even your smart phones out and show us what you’ve got!  You only need to create a 3-5 minute video.  We are looking for a personality that shines, design skills, and ideas that are different than the everyday normal.  We are super excited and hope you are too!

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know via the comments below or use our contact form.  I will respond as quickly as possible.

Good luck to everyone!


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