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2016 Mayesh Design Stars

2016 Mayesh Design Star


We had 17 amazing people enter our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars Contest and have collected over 2,000 votes! For the fourth time, we are unveiling our new Mayesh Design Star, but this year there is a twist as we are having TWO winners, with a prize package that included a Holland Flower Trip!!


Congratulations to Jerome Raska AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CF and Shawn Michael Foley!!


Jerome and Shawn join an exclusive club of elite designers and educators who have touched lives of floral designers all around the world with our videos. Mayesh’s YouTube channel has garnered well over 1,000,000 views with the majority of those views attributed to our Mayesh Design Stars’ videos! We are excited to see these two guys in action and cannot wait to share their first videos with you! Stay tuned …


Mayesh Design Star Contest Vote: Top 10 Videos


Mayesh Design Star - Vote Now

Wow! We had 17 brave souls enter our 2016 Mayesh Design Star Contest!  Thank you to all of you who put yourselves out there and entered.  I know it isn’t easy to get in front of the camera and I really appreciate all of your time and effort!

It is now time to reveal the top 10 videos (not listed in any particular order), and let the public vote to help us decided our top 5!  You have until Friday, September 11th (11:45 PM EST) to vote for who you would like to see as a Mayesh Design Star.  Once we get the votes in, our internal Mayesh team will review the top 5 and decide who will be our next TWO Mayesh Design Stars!! The winners will be revealed no later than September 16th!

1. Shawn Michael Foley

2. Sussanna Davidson

3. Amanda Johnson

4. Annie Chen

5. Kenneth Snauwaert Aifd

6. Annie Flores

7. Jerome Raska

8. Ken Senter AIFD

9. Adrianna Duran-Leon Aifd

10. Bill Hamilton

Mayesh Design Star Contest featuring Bill Hamilton Designs from Shane Tincu on Vimeo.

Are You The Next Mayesh Design Star (MDS2016)

Mayesh Design Star 2016

Mayesh Customers, enter to become the 2016 Mayesh Design Star Host! This year there will be 2 winners! 2 Mayesh Design Stars!

Here’s a snapshot on how this year’s contest will work (see full contest rules below):

  • Submit your video on Facebook August 10-21
  • Mayesh will select 10 semi-finalists
  • A public vote will take place to narrow the contestants to 5 finalists
  • The 2016 Mayesh Design Stars will be selected by an internal team from the 5 finalists

Do you think you have what it takes? Submit your video August 10th – 21st via our Facebook Mayesh Design Stars Contest tab!

Here’s what our other Mayesh Design Stars – Beth, Jodi, and Mandy – had to say about being a MDS:


Mayesh Design Star 2016



2 Grand Prize Winners

  • Holland flower trip that includes: air, transportation, and hotel accommodations for two (2) for 5 nights/6 days.
  • Attend the IFTF ( International Floriculture Trade Fair) show where vendors set up amazing floral displays and conduct design demonstrations (typically held early November), visit the Aalsmeer Flower Auction – the world’s largest flower auction which resides in the world’s 4th largest building, and visit a few Dutch growers as well all guided by Patrick Dahlson, CEO of Mayesh. (Prize value will be up to $4000)
  • 2016 video series host
  • Videos created and hosted by winning host designer will be posted on dedicated page on
  • Monthly promotion of video via e-blast, blog, and social media
  • Link to winners website
  • Winner will be given rights to post Mayesh released videos on their website (altering video prohibited)


Rules, Regulations & Details


  • August 10 – 21st, 2015 – Submit your video via Facebook (Mayesh Design Star tab; ends 11:59PM EST)
  • August 22th – September 6th , 2015 – Mayesh staff reviews videos, chooses 10 semi-finalists
  • September 7th, 2015 – 10 semi-finalists are announced
  • September 7th – 11th , 2015 – 5 days of voting (open to public) to determine 5 finalists
  • September 12th – 15th, 2015 – Mayesh staff reviews voting & selects winners.
  • September 16, 2015 – 2016 Mayesh Design Star winners announced!



Remember Mayesh is looking for personality, creativity, and technique.

  • Submit a 3 – 5 minute video showcasing the making of an arrangement while narrating (longer videos will be accepted but only judged by the first 5 minutes). The video must contain the following criteria:
    • Showcase the making of the design that includes fresh cut flowers.
      Be narrated by the designer in real time and should include verbiage as it pertains to:
      Type of flowers and characteristics.
    • Use of props/supplies/containers and how they enhance the floral design.
    • Why you would want to be and should be the “Mayesh Design Star”.
  • It is the contestant’s responsibility to supply flowers, props and containers for his/her entry. Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc. does not supply any floral products for entry submissions. However, Mayesh will offer a 25% discount on flowers, up to a $100 value.Prep work may be done in advance (flower conditioning, greening, wiring, etc.) but any tips or tricks, techniques or products used should be explained.
  • There are no regulations pertaining to style or size of arrangement, number of flowers, size or expense of containers and props.
  • Using a professional videographer is not mandatory but is welcome.
  • Previously submitted Mayesh Design Star contest videos will be disqualified.
  • Video submissions become the property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.
  • Contestants do need to be a current Mayesh customer to participate.

**At any time during the process of the contest, Mayesh reserves the right to change details, dates, times, etc.


How to Submit Your Video

  • Videos will be submitted through Facebook
    • User will visit the “MDS2016” tab and enter the following information: Name, Email, Phone Number, City, Mayesh Branch, Mayesh rep, YouTube or Vimeo link to your Design Star audition video.
      • **For Vimeo and YouTube videos, you must allow other people to download the source video.
    • Videos will be private and not visible to the public from the contest page.
    • Judging Criteria:
      • Great personality that transcends on video
      • Ability to narrate work and design simultaneously
      • Passion for their craft
      • Creative, good design technique
      • Knowledgeable about the use, and care & handling of flowers
      • Tasteful


Responsibilities of Mayesh Design Stars Host 2015

  • We ask that before deciding on whether to enter that you carefully review the responsibilities of the winner of the contest. If you feel you will not have the time, interest or ability to fulfill the responsibilities listed below we respectfully ask you to not participate.
    Inability to complete all videos for the 2016 video design series to the satisfaction of Mayesh Wholesale Florist will result in forfeiture of prize.
  • Winning designers will be required to sign a contract outlining obligations.
  • Filming will take place at dates and places to be determined in 2015/2016. Mayesh will work with the 2016 Mayesh Design Stars on what will work best for all parties involved. We will strive to keep travel to 2 trips (3 videos shoot per trip).  Travel and accommodations will be taken care of by Mayesh.
  • Each Mayesh Design Star will shoot 6 flower design videos.
  • Mayesh supplies all flowers, containers and supplies used in videos (Mayesh reserves the right to determine focal flowers, and collaborates with winning designer as to recommendations for accompanying flowers and foliage’s). A basic outline of each video, content and narration, will be submitted to and reviewed with Mayesh Wholesale Florist before filming by the 2016 Mayesh Design Star.
  • Designer will supply their own tools.
  • Mayesh supplies internal company videographer.
  • Final videos will be edited by Mayesh Wholesale Florist.
  • All design videos must demonstrate the same overall quality as original winning video.
  • Mayesh owns all rights to all videos.

Mayesh Design Star 2016
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