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The Mayesh Minute: Claims & Credit Policy

Mayesh claims & credit policy  
While we do our best to provide the best flowers possible, due to the nature of our business, occasional quality issues sometime occur.  David Dahlson reviews Mayesh’s claims and credit policy in this episode of the Mayesh Minute.  Follow the policy to make the process a smooth as possible so that we can take care of your issues promptly.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, connect with your local Mayesh rep.

The Mayesh Minute: Vine Flowers

vine flowers: Honeysuckle, Passion Flower Vine, and Indian Rope Vine

In today’s Mayesh Minute, David reviews a few of the beautiful cascading and vining types of flowers: Honeysuckle, Passion Flower Vine, and Indian Rope Vine.

The Mayesh Minute: Flats of Wheat Grass


If you need wheat grass for your floral designs, Mayesh Wholesale Florist has it available.  Just ask your sales rep!

The Mayesh Minute: Manzanita Branches

wholesale manzanita branches  
Available throughout the year, David Dahlson presents Manzanita.  These branches are a great item to use for floral designs that may not have a water source.

The Mayesh Minute: Fruiting Branches & Textures

Fruiting Branches - Artichokes, poppy pods, pineapple, raspberry, and rosehips  
Want to add some fun texture to your floral designs?  Why not try fruiting branches?  David shows you raspberry branches, mini pineapple branches, artichokes, poppy pods, and rose hips.

The Mayesh Minute: History of Stock


Get a little history lesson from David Dahlson as he discusses California grown stock in today’s Mayesh Minute!

The Mayesh Minute: Top 6 Wedding Season Flowers

Popular Wedding Flowers: Green Viburnum, Lilac, Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemones and Astilbe  
In this episode of The Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson presents to you the top 6 wedding flowers and when they are available – Green Viburnum, Lilac, Peonies, Ranunculus, Anemones and Astilbe.

The Mayesh Minute: Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus from Mayesh Wholesale Florist  
Right now, the seeds on seeded euc doesn’t look like a seed and David explains why.  Get to know the different stages of seeded eucalyptus in this episode of The Mayesh Minute.

The Mayesh Minute: Italian Ranunculus

Italian Ranunculus
David Dahlson presents our beautiful Italian Ranunculus in today’s Mayesh Minute.

The Mayesh Minute: Snowberry



David presents to you in today’s Mayesh Minute, Snowberry.  Learn about these beautiful berries while he explains a bit about their discovery and history.  Enjoy!



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