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Mayesh Minute: Spring Blossom Alternatives

In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson shows off some great alternatives to the spring blossoms that we all love so much! It’s such a short season but not to worry, we have plenty other alternatives to share with you!

Featured product: Aronia aka chokeberry, spiraea, mock orange and viburnum.


Mayesh Minute: Dutch Orchid Nursery

Mayesh Minute: Dutch Phalaenopsis Nursery

Did you ever want to see where our exquisite phalaenopsis orchids are grown? David is hanging out at one of our orchid vendors, Walter Grootscholten, showing off their beautiful orchids, the epitome of our Mayesh Luxe Blooms product line! You all have seen the standard sized stem, but if you order from your Mayesh rep with advanced notice, we will be able to source 15+ or 20+ bloom stems! Lead times are generally 7-10 days and 1 month respectively.

Also, we posted a quick video that our Mayesh Las Vegas branch created showing off a couple of stems of the 15+ bloom stems of white phalaenopsis orchids. Stunning!!

Mayesh Minute: Anco Pure Vanda Greenhouse

Anco Pure Vanda Greenhouse tour

Take a peek into the Anco Pure Vanda greenhouses in Holland with David as he gives us some insight on how Vanda orchids are grown and why they became so popular.

Mayesh Minute: Dutch Product Showcase

Mayesh Minute: Dutch Product Showcase - chocolate cosmos

Sometimes you just need to stand out in a crowd – right? In this edition of Mayesh Minute, David shows us some products from our dutch suppliers that are coming out of Holland for the fall and winter season such as chocolate cosmos, quaking grass, scabiosa, and tinted oak leaves that will help your designs stand out.


Mayesh Minute: Dutch Amaryllis Farm

Mayesh Minute: Dutch Amaryllis Farm

David takes you along to visit the largest cut amaryllis farms in Holland. We all love our amaryllis during the winter months, now we get to see where they come from!


Mayesh Minute: Flower History Books


In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David shows us a few books that he has collected throughout the years that have invaluable information about floral care and floral design. The internet is so saturated with information and this shows that picking up a good book can have so much more to offer.

What are some of your favorite flower books?

Wholesale Flowers: Bombastic Garden Spray Rose

wholesale flowers - bombastic spray garden roses

In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David sings to us how he feels about Bombastic garden spray roses!

p.s. Sorry for the vertical video …we know better 🙂


Mayesh Minute: Queen Anne’s Lace

Blog-queen-annes-lace (3)

Today, David reviews many different types of Queen Anne’s Lace: Ammi majus or Green Mist that is very hardy and can be harvested all year long; Ammi Queen Anne’s Lace that is the standard; Chocolate Lace that comes in various of shades of white, marsala pinks and deep burgundy; and Wild Lace that is only available during the summer months.

Mayesh Minute: Hops

wholesale hops vine

Learn all about Hops (or the hop vine) in this edition of the Mayesh Minute perfect for your wedding and event designs to use as a garland or stem.

The hops season is roughly about 1 month – starting mid-July through mid-August.

Mayesh Minute: American Grown Vibernum

viburnum berry

In this edition of the Mayesh Minute, David Dahlson shows us two different varieties of American grown viburnum. First up is from High Cranberry from Oregon and then we have the Tinus variety from Vermont. Both very different, both very beautiful wholesale flowers. Enjoy!

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